Current approach to fertility preservation by embryo cryopreservation

We review the current state, approach, and indications of embryo cryopreservation for fertility preservation.


Giuliano Bedoschi, M.D., Kutluk Oktay, M.D.

Volume 99, Issue 6, Pages 1496-1502, May 2013


The ovaries are susceptible to damage following treatment with gonadotoxic chemotherapy, pelvic radiotherapy and/or ovarian surgery. Gonadotoxic treatments have also been used in patients with various nonmalignant systemic diseases. Any women in reproductive age with a sufficiently high risk of developing future ovarian failure due to those medical interventions may benefit from embryo cryopreservation though the tools of assessment of such a risk are still not very precise. Furthermore, the risk assessment can be influenced by many other factors such as the delay expected after chemotherapy and the number of children desired in the future. Embryo cryopreservation is an established and most successful method of fertility preservation when there is sufficient time available to perform ovarian stimulation. This publication will review the current state, approach and indications of embryo cryopreservation for fertility preservation.

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