New approach in patients with polycystic ovaries, lessons for everyone

In vitro maturation, including FSH priming, recovery of oocytes from 12-mm follicles, and using single blastocyst transfer, is safe and provides pregnancy rates up to 40% in patients with PCO.

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Svend Lindenberg, M.D.

Volume 99, Issue 5, Pages 1170-1172, April 2013


In vitro maturation is a safe and simple procedure for both the clinician and the patient. The discrepancy between the early clinical results and today’s pregnancy rates (PR) of 30% is primarily due to the following modification of the original protocol recently reported by several groups: Priming with FSH and hCG, timing oocyte collection from follicles larger than 12 mm in diameter, and using blastocyst transfer. Furthermore, the endometrial priming should start 2 days before oocyte pick-up. This provides a PR of 40% per ET.

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