Dietary Fish Oil Supplementation Inhibits Formation of Endometriosis-Associated Adhesions in a Chimeric Mouse Model

In an established model of spontaneous adhesive disease associatedwith experimental human endometriosis in nude mice, development of adhesions was significantly reduced in animals provided with an antiinflammatory diet containing fish oil.


Jennifer L. Herington, Ph.D., Dana R. Glore, B.S., John A. Lucas, M.D., Kevin G. Osteen, Ph.D., Kaylon L. Bruner-Tran, Ph.D.

Volume 99, Issue 2, Pages 543-550.e1, February 2013



To examine whether dietary fish oil supplementation reduces development of spontaneous endometriosis-associated adhesions using an established model.


Laboratory-based study.


Medical center research laboratory.


Disease-free women of reproductive age and nude mice.


Women were not provided any intervention. Mice were randomized to receive fish oil supplementation or control diet.

Main Outcome Measures:

Experimental endometriosis was established in mice via injection of human endometrial tissue within 16 hrs of ovariectomy. Mice were provided standard or Menhaden fish oil supplemented diets for at least two weeks prior to initiation of experimental endometriosis and until euthanasia one week later. At necropsy, mice were examined for the presence and extent of adhesions and endometriotic-like lesions. Tissues were excised and morphologically characterized.


Adhesions/lesions were reduced in mice provided dietary fish oil compared to control animals. Leukocytes were more numerous within the adhesions/lesions of the mice maintained on the standard diet compared to animals provided fish oil. As indicated by staining intensity, collagen deposition was greater at adhesion sites within control mice compared to fish oil-supplemented animals.


Wound-healing associated with surgery created an inflammatory peritoneal microenvironment that promoted the development of both experimental endometriosis and adhesions in a murine model. Targeting excessive inflammation with fish oil may be an effective adjuvant therapy to reduce the development of post-surgical adhesions related to endometriosis.

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