Acute portal vein thrombosis complicating in vitro fertilization

After oocyte retrieval for IVF-ET, upper abdominal pain was the presenting symptom of acute portal venous thrombosis with extension into the surrounding vasculature, and was managed with anticoagulation.


Natu Mmbaga, M.D., Saioa Torrealday, M.D., Shirley McCarthy, M.D., Ph.D., Beth W. Rackow, M.D.

Volume 98, Issue 6, Pages 1470-1473, December 2012



To describe a case of acute portal vein thrombosis after IVF treatment.


Case report.


University teaching hospital.


A 39-year-old woman experienced worsening, right upper quadrant pain several days after oocyte retrieval; embryo transfer was withheld. Imaging studies revealed acute portal vein thrombosis with extension into the splenic and superior mesenteric veins.


Therapeutic anticoagulation; no embryo transfer was performed.

Main Outcome Measure(s):

Improvement in symptoms, accurate diagnosis of condition.


Decreased size of portal vein thrombosis and partial vessel recanalization.


Thromboembolic events are a rare complication of assisted reproductive technology (ART). In women who present with upper abdominal pain during ART, portal vein thrombosis should be considered in the differential diagnosis.

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