Ovarian stimulation and fertility preservation using aromatase inhibitors in women with breast cancer

Studies suggest that in the short term, an aromatase inhibitor plus gonadotropin protocol is effective for safely inducing controlled ovarian hyperstimulation in women with breast cancer for fertility preservation.

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Jhansi Reddy, M.D. and Kutluk Oktay, M.D.

Vol 98, Issue 6, Pages 1363-1369


Breast cancer is the most common malignancy diagnosed in women in the United States. Many breast cancer survivors are concerned that cancer treatment will compromise their reproductive potential. Despite this concern, most women receive limited information addressing preservation of fertility prior to initiating adjuvant chemotherapy. Historically, the supraphysiologic levels of estrogens associated with ovarian stimulation have precluded the utilization of assisted reproductive technologies in the presence of breast cancer. In an effort to mitigate the potential effects of elevated estrogen levels during ovulation induction, we developed a novel ovarian stimulation protocol for women with breast cancer, utilizing aromatase inhibitors. Our studies suggest that in the short term, aromatase inhibitors plus gonadotropins are safe and effective agents for ovarian stimulation in fertility preservation cycles. In this review, we outline the data supporting the use of aromatase inhibitors for ovarian hyperstimulation in women with breast cancer prior to initiating adjuvant chemotherapy.

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