Recurrent IVF failure: other factors

Beyond embryo and endometrium, other known and suspected causes of recurrent IVF failure include obesity, uterine anomalies and fibroids, thyroid disease, tobacco smoke, immune factors, and thrombophilias.

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Alan Penzias, M.D.

Vol 97, Issue 5, Pages 1033-1038


IVF failure is a problem for a couple in the singular but can be a tragedy in the plural. Recurrent IVF failure has multiple known causes but many which are not routinely considered as part of the posttreatment analysis. The reason is there are several causes associated with lifestyle and other causes related to pre-existing conditions that have only a tenuous or no apparent connection to fertility. This article examines the impact of obesity, cigarette smoke, uterine anatomy, body mass index, thyroid dysfunction, immune factors, the hereditary and acquired thrombophilias, and embryo transfer technique on recurrent IVF failure.

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