Legal and ethical issues in cross-border gestational surrogacy

International surrogacy entails ethical and legal issues. Various legal provisions are in place when parents return home with children conceived through international surrogacy. Whereas the interest of the child always prevails, there is a need for an international legal framework.
Legal and ethical issues in cross-border gestational surrogacy

Volume 113, Issue 5, Pages 916–919


Noelia Igareda González, Ph.D.


This article aims to identify the main legal and ethical issues around international surrogacy. Owing to the legal diversity and ethical background of such a globalized practice, a review of the key existing literature on these two matters has been identified and analyzed. The article also identifies and analyzes the most significant legal solutions provided by supranational jurisdictions when dealing with cases of international surrogacy. The scope of the article includes the efforts to reach a minimum legal framework at the international level, with the aim not to standardize but to provide common legal solutions to those travelling abroad to have a child by means of surrogacy.

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