December 2019

Volume 112, Issue 6

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Views and reviews

Introduction: Add-ons for assisted reproductive technology: can we be honest here?
Cynthia Farquhar
Vol 112 | No. 6 | December 2019 | Pages 971–972

Do à la carte menus serve infertility patients? The ethics and regulation of in vitro fertility add-ons
Jack Wilkinson, Phillipa Malpas, Karin Hammarberg, Pamela Mahoney Tsigdinos, Sarah Lensen, Emily Jackson, Joyce Harper, Ben W. Mol
Vol 112 | No. 6 | December 2019 | Pages 973–977

Clinical adjuncts in in vitro fertilization: a growing list
Mohan S. Kamath, Mariano Mascarenhas, Sebastian Franik, Emily Liu, Sesh Kamal Sunkara
Vol 112 | No. 6 | December 2019 | Pages 978–986

In vitro fertilization add-ons for the endometrium: it doesn’t add-up
Sarah Lensen, Norman Shreeve, Kurt T. Barnhart, Ahmed Gibreel, Ernest Hung Yu Ng, Ashley Moffett
Vol 112 | No. 6 | December 2019 | Pages 987–993

Add-ons in the laboratory: hopeful, but not always helpful
Sarah Armstrong, Monique Atkinson, Jeanette MacKenzie, Allan Pacey, Cynthia Farquhar
Vol 112 | No. 6 | December 2019 | Pages 994–999

Fertile battle

Immunologic and rheumatologic aspects of recurrent pregnancy loss: have the sirens enchanted us onto the rocks?
Zev Rosenwaks
Vol 112 | No. 6 | December 2019 | Pages 1000–1001

Immunologic and rheumatologic causes and treatment of recurrent pregnancy loss: what is the evidence?
Joshua Odendaal, Siobhan Quenby, Lisa Sammaritano, Nick Macklon, D. Ware Branch, Zev Rosenwaks
Vol 112 | No. 6 | December 2019 | Pages 1002–1012


Outcome of in vitro fertilization cycles with preimplantation genetic testing for aneuploidies: let’s be honest with one another
Richard J. Paulson
Vol 112 | No. 6 | December 2019 | Pages 1013–1014

Seminal contribution

Therapeutic endometrial scratching and implantation after in vitro fertilization: a multicenter randomized controlled trial
Mia Steengaard Olesen, Benedicte Hauge, Lisbeth Ohrt, Tine Nørregaard Olesen, Janne Roskær, Vibeke Bæk, Helle Olesen Elbæk, Bugge Nøhr, Mette Nyegaard, Michael Toft Overgaard, Peter Humaidan, Axel Forman, Inge Agerholm
Vol 112 | No. 6 | December 2019 | Pages 1015–1021

ASRM pages

Fertility preservation in patients undergoing gonadotoxic therapy or gonadectomy: a committee opinionPractice Committee of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine
Vol 112 | No. 6 | December 2019 | Pages 1022–1033

Reproductive and hormonal considerations in women at increased risk for hereditary gynecologic cancers: Society of Gynecologic Oncology and American Society for Reproductive Medicine Evidence-Based Review
Lee-may Chen, Stephanie V. Blank, Elizabeth Burton, Karen Glass, Elizabeth Penick, Terri Woodard
Vol 112 | No. 6 | December 2019 | Pages 1034–1042


Endometrial receptivity and implantation in women with previous failed embryo transfers: to scratch or not to scratch?
Daniela Galliano
Vol 112 | No. 6 | December 2019 | Page 1043

Meiotic arrest in azoospermic men: current implications of a recently reported novel technique for classification of arrest stage
Luke Witherspoon, Ryan Flannigan
Vol 112 | No. 6 | December 2019 | Pages 1044–1045

Preimplantation genetic testing for aneuploidy: It's déjà vu all over again!
Glenn L. Schattman
Vol 112 | No. 6 | December 2019 | Pages 1046–1047

Does embryo morphokinetics aid in embryo selection among euploid embryos?
Dana B. McQueen, Mary Ellen Pavone
Vol 112 | No. 6 | December 2019 | Page 1048

Endometrial macrophages, endometriosis, and microbiota: time to unravel the complexity of the relationship
Mohamed A. Bedaiwy
Vol 112 | No. 6 | December 2019 | Pages 1049–1050

The influential mind and the power of emotion over Essure hysteroscopic sterilization
Steven R. Lindheim, Jody Lynee Madeira, John C. Petrozza
Vol 112 | No. 6 | December 2019 | Pages 1051–1052

Shrinking leiomyomas by pharmacological autophagy other than surgical removal
Paolo Emanuele Levi-Setti, Federico Cirillo, Pasquale Patrizio
Vol 112 | No. 6 | December 2019 | Page 1053

Would weight loss before frozen embryo transfer improve the live-birth rate for obese women with polycystic ovary syndrome?
Milan Milenkovic, Ann Thurin-Kjellberg
Vol 112 | No. 6 | December 2019 | Page 1054

Crosstalk between transforming growth factor-β3 and microRNA-29c in leiomyoma: are we stepping forward?
Salvatore Giovanni Vitale, Gaetano Valenti, Antonio Cianci
Vol 112 | No. 6 | December 2019 | Pages 1055–1056

Belly full of blood: a rare presentation of endometriosis
Abigail L. Bernard, Steven R. Lindheim, Linnea R. Goodman
Vol 112 | No. 6 | December 2019 | Pages 1057–1058


Meiotic arrest occurs most frequently at metaphase and is often incomplete in azoospermic men
Andrea Enguita-Marruedo, Esther Sleddens-Linkels, Marja Ooms, Vera de Geus, Martina Wilke, Eric Blom, Gert R. Dohle, Leendert H.J. Looijenga, Wiggert van Cappellen, Esther B. Baart, Willy M. Baarends
Vol 112 | No. 6 | December 2019 | Pages 1059–1070.e3

Assisted reproduction

Preimplantation genetic testing for aneuploidy versus morphology as selection criteria for single frozen-thawed embryo transfer in good-prognosis patients: a multicenter randomized clinical trial
Santiago Munné, Brian Kaplan, John L. Frattarelli, Tim Child, Gary Nakhuda, F. Nicholas Shamma, Kaylen Silverberg, Tasha Kalista, Alan H. Handyside, Mandy Katz-Jaffe, Dagan Wells, Tony Gordon, Sharyn Stock-Myer, Susan Willman on behalf of the STAR Study Group
Vol 112 | No. 6 | December 2019 | Pages 1071–1079.e7

Time of morulation and trophectoderm quality are predictors of a live birth after euploid blastocyst transfer: a multicenter study
Laura Rienzi, Danilo Cimadomo, Arantxa Delgado, Maria Giulia Minasi, Gemma Fabozzi, Raquel del Gallego, Marta Stoppa, Jose Bellver, Adriano Giancani, Marga Esbert, Antonio Capalbo, Jose Remohì, Ermanno Greco, Filippo Maria Ubaldi, Marcos Meseguer
Vol 112 | No. 6 | December 2019 | Pages 1080–1093.e1

Impact of maternal prepregnancy body mass index on cognitive and metabolic profiles of singletons born after in vitro fertilization/intracytoplasmic sperm injection
Yimin Zhu, Huanmiao Yan, Minyue Tang, Yanling Fu, Xiaoling Hu, Fanghong Zhang, Lanfeng Xing, Danqing Chen
Vol 112 | No. 6 | December 2019 | Pages 1094–1102.e2

Endometrial CD138 count appears to be a negative prognostic indicator for patients who have experienced previous embryo transfer failure
Xiangxiu Fan, Xiaofeng Li, Yuan Li, Jingnan Liao, Huijun Chen, Yi Li, Guang-Xiu Lu, Ge Lin, Fei Gong
Vol 112 | No. 6 | December 2019 | Pages 1103–1111

Early pregnancy

Levels of angiogenic markers in second-trimester maternal serum from in vitro fertilization pregnancies with oocyte donation
Yelena Dondik, Kelly Pagidas, Elizabeth Eklund, Christina Ngo, Glenn E. Palomaki, Geralyn Lambert-Messerlian
Vol 112 | No. 6 | December 2019 | Pages 1112–1117


Macrophages display proinflammatory phenotypes in the eutopic endometrium of women with endometriosis with relevance to an infectious etiology of the disease
Júlia Vallvé-Juanico, Xavier Santamaria, Kim Chi Vo, Sahar Houshdaran, Linda C. Giudice
Vol 112 | No. 6 | December 2019 | Pages 1118–1128


Fertility treatments and offspring pediatric infectious morbidities: results of a population-based cohort with a median follow-up of 10 years
Tamar Wainstock, Eyal Sheiner, Israel Yoles, Ruslan Sergienko, Daniella Landau, Avi Harlev
Vol 112 | No. 6 | December 2019 | Pages 1129–1135

Assisted reproductive technology use in the United States: a population assessment
Katherine Tierney, Yong Cai
Vol 112 | No. 6 | December 2019 | Pages 1136–1143.e4


Long-term follow-up after successful Essure sterilization: evaluation of patient satisfaction, symptoms, and the influence of negative publicity
Sara E. Siemons, Michel P.H. Vleugels, Sebastiaan Veersema, Didi D.M. Braat, Theodoor E. Nieboer
Vol 112 | No. 6 | December 2019 | Pages 1144–1149

Autophagy up-regulation by ulipristal acetate as a novel target mechanism in the treatment of uterine leiomyoma: an in vitro study
Barbara Del Bello, Paola Marcolongo, Pasquapina Ciarmela, Flavia Sorbi, Felice Petraglia, Stefano Luisi, Emilia Maellaro
Vol 112 | No. 6 | December 2019 | Pages 1150–1159

Mental health

Symptoms of anxiety and depression among Chinese women transitioning through menopause: findings from a prospective community-based cohort study
Ruiyi Tang, Min Luo, Jiayi Li, Yajing Peng, Yuchen Wang, Bing Liu, Gaifen Liu, Yaping Wang, Shouqing Lin, Rong Chen
Vol 112 | No. 6 | December 2019 | Pages 1160–1171

Reproductive endocrinology

Effect of body mass index on pregnancy outcomes with the freeze-all strategy in women with polycystic ovarian syndrome
Meiting Qiu, Yu Tao, Yanping Kuang, Yun Wang
Vol 112 | No. 6 | December 2019 | Pages 1172–1179

Reproductive science

Cross-talk between miR-29c and transforming growth factor-β3 is mediated by an epigenetic mechanism in leiomyoma
Tsai-Der Chuang, Omid Khorram
Vol 112 | No. 6 | December 2019 | Pages 1180–1189


Massive recurrent hemoperitoneum with encapsulating peritonitis: another enigmatic clinical feature of endometriosis
Alejandro Gonzalez, Santiago Artazcoz, Francisco Elorriaga, Hannah Palin, Jose Carugno
Vol 112 | No. 6 | December 2019 | Pages 1190–1192

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