July 2019

Volume 112, Issue 1

Views and Reviews

Introduction: Uterus transplantation
Mats Brännström
Vol 112 | No. 1 | July 2019 | Pages 1–2

Global results of human uterus transplantation and strategies for pre-transplantation screening of donors
Mats Brännström, Anders Enskog, Niclas Kvarnström, Jean Marc Ayoubi, Pernilla Dahm-Kähler
Vol 112 | No. 1 | July 2019 | Pages 3–10

Laparotomy or minimal invasive surgery in uterus transplantation: a comparison
Jean Marc Ayoubi, Marie Carbonnel, Paul Pirtea, Niclas Kvarnström, Mats Brännström, Pernilla Dahm-Kähler
Vol 112 | No. 1 | July 2019 | Pages 11–18

Assisted reproductive technology strategies in uterus transplantation
Dominique de Ziegler, Paul Pirtea, Marie Carbonnel, Marine Poulain, Jean Marc Ayoubi
Vol 112 | No. 1 | July 2019 | Pages 19–23

Live versus deceased donor in uterus transplantation
Niclas Kvarnström, Anders Enskog, Pernilla Dahm-Kähler, Mats Brännström
Vol 112 | No. 1 | July 2019 | Pages 24–27


Artificial intelligence: its applications in reproductive medicine and the assisted reproductive technologies
Nikica Zaninovic, Olivier Elemento, Zev Rosenwaks
Vol 112 | No. 1 | July 2019 | Pages 28–30


Optimizing semen parameters at the molecular level: possible avenue for improvement in assisted reproductive technology success rates?
Taylor P. Kohn, Raul I. Clavijo
Vol 112 | No. 1 | July 2019 | Page 31

DNA methylation profiling of peripheral blood samples is a promising new approach to screen for male infertility
Adithya Balasubramanian, Nannan Thirumavalavan, Alexander W. Pastuszak
Vol 112 | No. 1 | July 2019 | Pages 32–33

Discordant ovarian reserve testing: what matters most?
Heather S. Hipp, Jennifer F. Kawwass
Vol 112 | No. 1 | July 2019 | Page 34

Primum non nocere: are we closer to saying that the trophectoderm biopsy does no harm?
Joshua J. Berger
Vol 112 | No. 1 | July 2019 | Pages 35–36

Need for expanding insurance coverage for in vitro fertilization in the United States
Christopher N. Herndon
Vol 112 | No. 1 | July 2019 | Pages 37–38

Is coffee bad for reproduction? Maybe not, after all.
Jorge E. Chavarro
Vol 112 | No. 1 | July 2019 | Pages 39–40

Health status of young adults conceived by assisted reproductive technology: is there cause for concern?
Russell S. Kirby
Vol 112 | No. 1 | July 2019 | Page 41

Ovarian antimüllerian hormone system: more complex than was thought
Antonio La Marca
Vol 112 | No. 1 | July 2019 | Pages 42–43

Fertility and Sterility: 50 years ago today

Original investigations into the effects of testicular biopsy
Martin Kathrins
Vol 112 | No. 1 | July 2019 | Pages 44–45


Sperm chromatin structure assay high DNA stainability sperm as a marker of early miscarriage after intracytoplasmic sperm injection
Elsa Jerre, Mona Bungum, Donald Evenson, Aleksander Giwercman
Vol 112 | No. 1 | July 2019 | Pages 46–53.e2

Sperm DNA fragmentation and recurrent pregnancy loss: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Dana B. McQueen, John Zhang, Jared C. Robins
Vol 112 | No. 1 | July 2019 | Pages 54–60.e3

Array-based DNA methylation profiling reveals peripheral blood differential methylation in male infertility
Saumya Sarkar, Kumar Mohanty Sujit, Vertika Singh, Rajesh Pandey, Sameer Trivedi, Kiran Singh, Gopal Gupta, Singh Rajender
Vol 112 | No. 1 | July 2019 | Pages 61–72.e1

Assisted reproduction

Low antimüllerian hormone (AMH) is associated with decreased live birth after in vitro fertilization when follicle-stimulating hormone and AMH are discordant
Sarah Ligon, Michael Lustik, Gary Levy, Bruce Pier
Vol 112 | No. 1 | July 2019 | Pages 73–81.e1

Neonatal outcomes of live births after blastocyst biopsy in preimplantation genetic testing cycles: a follow-up of 1,721 children
Hui He, Shuang Jing, Chang Fu Lu, Yue Qiu Tan, Ke Li Luo, Shuo Ping Zhang, Fei Gong, Guang Xiu Lu, Ge Lin
Vol 112 | No. 1 | July 2019 | Pages 82–88

Intrauterine injection of human chorionic gonadotropin before embryo transfer can improve in vitro fertilization-embryo transfer outcomes: a meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials
MingXia Gao, XiangYan Jiang, Bin Li, LiFei Li, MengTao Duan, XueHong Zhang, JinHui Tian, KeYan Qi
Vol 112 | No. 1 | July 2019 | Pages 89–97.e1

Effect of GnRH agonist and letrozole treatment in women with recurrent implantation failure
Naama Steiner, Guy Shrem, Samer Tannus, S. Yehuda Dahan, Jacques Balayla, Alexander Volodarsky-Perel, Seang-Lin Tan, Michael H. Dahan
Vol 112 | No. 1 | July 2019 | Pages 98–104

Factors associated with early in vitro fertilization treatment discontinuation
Bronwyn S. Bedrick, Kelsey Anderson, Darcy E. Broughton, Barton Hamilton, Emily S. Jungheim
Vol 112 | No. 1 | July 2019 | Pages 105–111

Early pregnancy

Ectopic pregnancy and outcomes of future intrauterine pregnancy
Mélanie Chouinard, Marie-Hélène Mayrand, Aimina Ayoub, Jessica Healy-Profitós, Nathalie Auger
Vol 112 | No. 1 | July 2019 | Pages 112–119


Impact of female daily coffee consumption on successful fertility treatment: a Danish cohort study
Julie Lyngsø, Ulrik Schiøler Kesmodel, Bjørn Bay, Hans Jakob Ingerslev, Anne-Marie Nybo Andersen, Cecilia Høst Ramlau-Hansen
Vol 112 | No. 1 | July 2019 | Pages 120–129.e2

Health of adults aged 22 to 35 years conceived by assisted reproductive technology
Jane Halliday, Sharon Lewis, Joanne Kennedy, David P. Burgner, Markus Juonala, Karin Hammarberg, David J. Amor, Lex W. Doyle, Richard Saffery, Sarath Ranganathan, Liam Welsh, Michael Cheung, John McBain, Stephen J.C. Hearps, Robert McLachlan
Vol 112 | No. 1 | July 2019 | Pages 130–139


Medications for pain relief in outpatient endometrial sampling or biopsy: a systematic review and network meta-analysis
Ahmed M. Abbas, Ahmed Samy, Abd El-Naser Abd El-Gaber Ali, Mustafa M. Khodry, Mohammad A.M. Ahmed, Mahmoud I. El-Rasheedy, Khaled M. Abdallah, Abd-Elhalim Mohammed, Waleed H. Abdelbaky, Osama Kamal Raslan, Mahmoud A. Badawy, Hossam H. Elktatny
Vol 112 | No. 1 | July 2019 | Pages 140–148.e12

Reproductive endocrinology

Associations of different molecular forms of antimüllerian hormone and biomarkers of polycystic ovary syndrome and normal women
Marie Louise Wissing, Anne Lis Mikkelsen, Ajay Kumar, Bhanu Kalra, Susanne Elisabeth Pors, Esben Meulengracht Flachs, Claus Yding Andersen
Vol 112 | No. 1 | July 2019 | Pages 149–155.e1

Reproductive history of patients with hereditary 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D–resistant rickets
Dov Tiosano, Yosef Weisman
Vol 112 | No. 1 | July 2019 | Pages 156–161

Reproductive surgery

Unified diagnostic criteria for chronic endometritis at fluid hysteroscopy: proposal and reliability evaluation through an international randomized-controlled observer study
Ettore Cicinelli, Amerigo Vitagliano, Alka Kumar, Riccardo Bassil Lasmar, Stefano Bettocchi, Sergio Haimovich for the International Working Group for Standardization of Chronic Endometritis Diagnosis
Vol 112 | No. 1 | July 2019 | Pages 162–173.e2


Tilapia fish skin as a new biologic graft for neovaginoplasty in Mayer-Rokitansky-Kuster-Hauser syndrome: a video case report
Maria Tereza Pinto Medeiros Dias, Edmar Maciel Lima Júnior, Ana Paula Negreiros Nunes Alves, Andreisa Paiva Monteiro Bilhar, Livia Cunha Rios, Bruno Almeida Costa, Eduarda Syhara Rocha Matos, Ana Cecília Venancio, Zenilda Vieira Bruno, Manoel Odorico de Moraes Filho, Leonardo Robson Pinheiro Sobreira Bezerra
Vol 112 | No. 1 | July 2019 | Pages 174–176

A case of obstructed hemivagina and ipsilateral renal anomaly syndrome complicated with pyometra: tips and tricks for laparoscopic hemihysterectomy
Kiyak Huseyin, Turkgeldi Susan Lale, Yucel Burak, Karacan Tolga, Kadirogullari Pinar, Seckin Doga Kerem
Vol 112 | No. 1 | July 2019 | Pages 177–179