June 2019

Volume 111, Issue 6

Views and reviews

Introduction: Infertility etiology and offspring health
José Bellver, Jacques Donnez
Vol 111 | No. 6 | June 2019 | Pages 1033–1035

Parental age and child outcomes
Christina Bergh, Anja Pinborg, Ulla-Britt Wennerholm
Vol 111 | No. 6 | June 2019 | Pages 1036–1046

Impact of male factor infertility on offspring health and development
Alice R. Rumbold, Arusyak Sevoyan, Tassia K. Oswald, Renae C. Fernandez, Michael J. Davies, Vivienne M. Moore
Vol 111 | No. 6 | June 2019 | Pages 1047–1053

Impact of parental over- and underweight on the health of offspring
José Bellver, Giulia Mariani
Vol 111 | No. 6 | June 2019 | Pages 1054–1064

Children born to women with polycystic ovary syndrome—short- and long-term impacts on health and development
Eszter Vanky, Liv Guro Engen Hanem, David H. Abbott
Vol 111 | No. 6 | June 2019 | Pages 1065–1075

Systemic endocrinopathies (thyroid conditions and diabetes): impact on postnatal life of the offspring
Lía Nattero-Chávez, Manuel Luque-Ramírez, Héctor F. Escobar-Morreale
Vol 111 | No. 6 | June 2019 | Pages 1076–1091

Fertile battle

Endometrial scratching: how much evidence do you need to stop offering this to women having in vitro fertilization?
Cynthia Farquhar
Vol 111 | No. 6 | June 2019 | Pages 1092–1093

Should we stop offering endometrial scratching prior to in vitro fertilization?
Sarah Lensen, Christos Venetis, Ernest H.Y. Ng, Steven L. Young, Amerigo Vitagliano, Nicholas S. Macklon, Cynthia Farquhar
Vol 111 | No. 6 | June 2019 | Pages 1094–1101


End of anonymity: stepping into the dawn of communication and a new paradigm in gamete donor counseling
Andrea M. Braverman, William D. Schlaff
Vol 111 | No. 6 | June 2019 | Pages 1102–1104

Social media and Essure hysteroscopic sterilization: a perfect storm
Steven R. Lindheim, Jody Lynee Madeira, Bala Bagavath, John C. Petrozza
Vol 111 | No. 6 | June 2019 | Pages 1105–1106


Should all men being evaluated for couple infertility have an endocrine and reproductive urology evaluation?
Sunni L. Mumford, James M. Hotaling
Vol 111 | No. 6 | June 2019 | Pages 1107–1108

A counterintuitive lesson in family planning? Patience first: taking a “gap year” after live birth from assisted reproductive technology before frozen embryo transfer is performed
David B. Seifer, Amanda N. Kallen
Vol 111 | No. 6 | June 2019 | Pages 1109–1110

Reassuring data concerning follow-up data of children born after preimplantation genetic diagnosis
Ermanno Greco, Alessia Greco, Maria Giulia Minasi
Vol 111 | No. 6 | June 2019 | Pages 1111–1112

Mathematics should clarify, not obfuscate: an inaccurate and misleading calculation of the cost-effectiveness of preimplantation genetic testing for aneuploidy
Richard J. Paulson
Vol 111 | No. 6 | June 2019 | Pages 1113–1114

What are the cost considerations for preimplantation genetic testing for aneuploidy?
Randal D. Robinson, Sheena Rippentrop, Jessica E. McLaughlin
Vol 111 | No. 6 | June 2019 | Pages 1115–1116

Implantation rates of euploid embryos are not influenced by the duration of estradiol priming, but the hormonal environment—estradiol and progesterone—may affect placentation
Paul Pirtea, Dominique de Ziegler, Jean Marc Ayoubi
Vol 111 | No. 6 | June 2019 | Pages 1117–1118

Epigenetic alterations of the first trimester placenta: insight into preoccupying concerns in assisted reproductive technology
Marine Poulain, Dominique de Ziegler, Jean Marc Ayoubi
Vol 111 | No. 6 | June 2019 | Pages 1119–1120

Mind the gap! Addressing gender wage inequality within reproductive endocrinology and infertility
Meghan B. Smith
Vol 111 | No. 6 | June 2019 | Page 1121

Poor sleep and delayed time to pregnancy: a wake-up call for physicians and researchers?
Audrey J. Gaskins
Vol 111 | No. 6 | June 2019 | Pages 1122–1123

Fertility preservation in girls with Turner syndrome: limitations, current success and future prospects
Kutluk Oktay, Giuliano Bedoschi
Vol 111 | No. 6 | June 2019 | Pages 1124–1126

Setting the focus on patient selection for minimally invasive myomectomy: operating times and surgical morbidity in a large database study
Rebecca L. Flyckt
Vol 111 | No. 6 | June 2019 | Pages 1127–1128


Association between testosterone, semen parameters, and live birth in men with unexplained infertility in an intrauterine insemination population
J.C. Trussell, R. Matthew Coward, Nanette Santoro, Christy Stetter, Allen Kunselman, Michael P. Diamond, Karl R. Hansen, Stephen A. Krawetz, Richard S. Legro, Dan Heisenleder, James Smith, Anne Steiner, Robert Wild, Peter Casson, Cristos Coutifaris, Reuben R. Alvero, R.B. Robinson, Greg Christman, Pasquale Patrizio, Heping Zhang, Mark C. Lindgren for the Reproductive Medicine Network
Vol 111 | No. 6 | June 2019 | Pages 1129–1134

Infectious human papillomavirus virions in semen reduce clinical pregnancy rates in women undergoing intrauterine insemination
Christophe Eric Depuydt, Gilbert Ghislain Gerard Donders, Ludo Verstraete, Davy Vanden Broeck, Johan Frans Andre Beert, Geert Salembier, Eugene Bosmans, Willem Ombelet
Vol 111 | No. 6 | June 2019 | Pages 1135–1144

Assisted reproduction

Interpregnancy interval and singleton pregnancy outcomes after frozen embryo transfer
Molly M. Quinn, Mitchell P. Rosen, Isabel Elaine Allen, Heather G. Huddleston, Marcelle I. Cedars, Victor Y. Fujimoto
Vol 111 | No. 6 | June 2019 | Pages 1145–1150

Growth, health, and motor development of 5-year-old children born after preimplantation genetic diagnosis
Malou Heijligers, Andrea Peeters, Aafke van Montfoort, Joyce Nijsten, Etienne Janssen, Femke Klein Gunnewiek, Rick de Rooy, Ron van Golde, Edith Coonen, Madelon Meijer-Hoogeveen, Frank Broekmans, Mark van der Hoeven, Yvonne Arens, Christine de Die-Smulders
Vol 111 | No. 6 | June 2019 | Pages 1151–1158

Blastomere cleavage plane orientation and the tetrahedral formation are associated with increased probability of a good-quality blastocyst for cryopreservation or transfer: a time-lapse study
Nina Desai, Pavinder Gill
Vol 111 | No. 6 | June 2019 | Pages 1159–1168.e1

Cost-effectiveness of preimplantation genetic testing for aneuploidies
Edgardo Somigliana, Andrea Busnelli, Alessio Paffoni, Paola Vigano, Alessandra Riccaboni, Carmen Rubio, Antonio Capalbo
Vol 111 | No. 6 | June 2019 | Pages 1169–1176

Endometrial preparation before the transfer of single, vitrified-warmed, euploid blastocysts: does the duration of estradiol treatment influence clinical outcome?
Lucky Sekhon, Jessica Feuerstein, Stephanie Pan, Jessica Overbey, Joseph A. Lee, Christine Briton-Jones, Eric Flisser, Daniel E. Stein, Tanmoy Mukherjee, Lawrence Grunfeld, Benjamin Sandler, Alan B. Copperman
Vol 111 | No. 6 | June 2019 | Pages 1177–1185.e3

Early pregnancy

Variation in DNA methylation in the KvDMR1 (ICR2) region in first-trimester human pregnancies
Cristiana Libardi Miranda Furtado, Karina Bezerra Salomão, Carolina Gennari Verruma, Sarah Blima Paulino Leite, Álvaro Fabrício Lopes Rios, Monika Bialecka, Ioannis Moustakas, Hailiang Mei, Claudia Cristina Paro de Paz, Geraldo Duarte, Susana M. Chuva de Sousa Lopes, Ester Silveira Ramos
Vol 111 | No. 6 | June 2019 | Pages 1186–1193


Gender inequality in salaries among reproductive endocrinology and infertility subspecialists in the United States
Sara Babcock Gilbert, Amanda Allshouse, Malgorzata E. Skaznik-Wikiel
Vol 111 | No. 6 | June 2019 | Pages 1194–1200

Female sleep patterns, shift work, and fecundability in a North American preconception cohort study
Sydney Kaye Willis, Elizabeth Elliott Hatch, Amelia Kent Wesselink, Kenneth Jay Rothman, Ellen Margrethe Mikkelsen, Lauren Anne Wise
Vol 111 | No. 6 | June 2019 | Pages 1201–1210.e1

Increasing access to fertility care through private foundations
Benjamin J. Peipert, Jacqueline C. Hairston, Dana B. McQueen, Camille Hammond, Eve C. Feinberg
Vol 111 | No. 6 | June 2019 | Pages 1211–1216

Fertility preservation

Characterization of follicles in girls and young women with Turner syndrome who underwent ovarian tissue cryopreservation
Linn Salto Mamsen, Karol Charkiewicz, Richard A. Anderson, Evelyn E. Telfer, Marie McLaughlin, Thomas W. Kelsey, Stine G. Kristensen, Debra A. Gook, Erik Ernst, Claus Yding Andersen
Vol 111 | No. 6 | June 2019 | Pages 1217–1225.e3


Novel mutation in FTHL17 gene in pedigree with 46,XY pure gonadal dysgenesis
Ruiyi Tang, Xiao Liu, Lingya Pan, Rong Chen
Vol 111 | No. 6 | June 2019 | Pages 1226–1235.e1


High-risk human papillomavirus infection in female and subsequent risk of infertility: a population-based cohort study
Bugge Nøhr, Susanne Krüger Kjaer, Liv Soylu, Allan Jensen
Vol 111 | No. 6 | June 2019 | Pages 1236–1242

Reproductive endocrinology

Characterization of circular RNA expression profiles in cumulus cells from patients with polycystic ovary syndrome
Qi Che, Miao Liu, Jun Xu, Yang Liu, Xiang Cao, Xi Dong, Suying Liu
Vol 111 | No. 6 | June 2019 | Pages 1243–1251.e1

Reproductive surgery

Association of operative time with outcomes in minimally invasive and abdominal myomectomy
Maria V. Vargas, Kathryn Denny Larson, Andrew Sparks, Samantha L. Margulies, Cherie Q. Marfori, Gaby Moawad, Richard L. Amdur
Vol 111 | No. 6 | June 2019 | Pages 1252–1258.e1


Leyomiomatosis peritonealis disseminata associated with ovarian endometriosis in a patient submitted to hysteroscopic myomectomy
Mohamed Mabrouk, Alessandro Arena, Diego Raimondo, Matteo Parisotto, Giacomo Caprara, Renato Seracchioli
Vol 111 | No. 6 | June 2019 | Pages 1259–1261