April 2019: Ovarian endometriosis and infertility: IVF or surgery as the first approach?

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This event was streamed live from the Pacific Coast Reproductive Society in Indian Wells, California. 

Bruce Lessey, M.D., Ph.D., Alexander Quaas, M.D., Ph.D., Jacqueline Ho, M.D., Paola Vigano, Ph.D., Eve Feinberg, M.D., and Joseph Davis, D.O., discuss the recent Fertility and Sterility Fertile Battle, "Ovarian endometriosis and infertility: IVF or surgery as the first approach?" 

Questions and issues addressed include:

  • Effects of endometriomas on fertility and ovarian reserve 
  • Impact of endometrioma surgery on ovarian reserve and fertility outcomes
  • Risks and benefits of IVF versus risks of surgery 
  • Indications for IVF and surgery in the management of endometrioma-related infertility

The Journal Club Global is hosted by Fertility and Sterility's Interactive Editor-In-Chief, Micah Hill, D.O. This special event will involve live interaction with the audience on site, as well the audience online.

Register to view the event here: https://www.workcast.com/register?cpak=5543863088721337.

View the archive for all Journal Club Global videos here: https://www.fertstert.org/content/video

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