January 2019: The role of mitochondria in reproduction

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This Journal Club Global is streamed live, on location, at the 2nd Scientific Symposium on Assisted Reproduction from the Megaron Concert Hall in Athens, Greece.  Nuno Costa-Borges, Ph.D., Dominique De Ziegler, M.D., Elpida Fragouli, M.D., Shoukhrat Mitalipov, Ph.D., and Richard Scott, M.D., discuss the recent Fertility and Sterility Views and Reviews, "Mitochondria and Assisted Reproduction: Promises and Pitfalls." Topics for discussion include:

  • Mitochondrial DNA copy number as a predictor of embryo viability.
  • Ovarian reserve and mitochondria as a tool for oocyte rejuvenation
  • The implications of the use of therapy targeted at mitochondria
  • What is needed to bring novel technologies for the lab to the bedside?

This Journal Club Global is hosted by Fertility and Sterility's Video and Media Editor, Kurt Barnhart, M.D., M.S.C.E.. The event will involve live interaction with the audience on site, as well as the audience online. 

Register to view the event here: https://www.workcast.com/register?cpak=6379381322431604

View the archive for all Journal Club Global videos here: https://www.fertstert.org/content/video

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