Microsurgical varicocele ligation: surgical methodology and associated outcomes

Microsurgical varicocelectomy is the criterion standard for varicocele repair. This article outlines the step- wise surgical approaches and highlights clinical studies that demonstrate improved semen parameters and reproductive outcomes.

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Volume 111, Issue 3, Pages 415–419


Rodrigo L. Pagani, M.D., Samuel J. Ohlander, M.D., Craig S. Niederberger, M.D.


The impact of clinical varicoceles on semen parameters and male infertility has long been established. In the era of assisted reproduction, clinical discussion has questioned the role of varicocelectomy, offering the potential to bypass, rather than treat, varicocele-associated male infertility. However, current literature supports improved semen parameters and reproductive outcomes following repair. This article presents the stepwise operative approaches to microsurgical varicocelectomy and discusses the recent publications on outcomes.

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