Cardiovascular health and ovarian aging

A review of the evidence describing the association between ovarian aging, including early menopause and diminished ovarian reserve, with cardiovascular disease and its risk factors.

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Volume 110, Issue 5, Pages 790–793


Molly M. Quinn, M.D., Marcelle I. Cedars, M.D.


One in three American women will die from cardiovascular disease (CVD), making it the leading cause of death among women in the United States. Traditionally, CVD has been seen as a disease of postmenopausal women, yet increasingly, risk factors for CVD are being characterized earlier. Although menopause, and its associated hypoestrogenism, has been consistently linked to CVD risk, accelerated ovarian aging among premenopausal patients has become a focus of attempts to identify women with increased CVD risk earlier. We present a review of the evidence for the association between early menopause and diminished ovarian reserve with CVD and its risk factors.

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