Reply of the authors: is the era of the endometrial scratching finished?

Reply to Letter to the Editor

VOLUME 118, ISSUE 3, P604


Tze Yoong Wong, F.RANZCOG., Sarah Lensen, Ph.D., Jack Wilkinson, Ph.D., Lynn Sadler, M.P.H., Cynthia Farquhar, C.R.E.I.


We are writing in response to the letter entitled “Is the era of the endometrial scratching finished?” related to our study published in Fertility and Sterility (1). Palomba and Vitagliano have raised several points that we would like to answer.

They queried why the study included women aged up to 42 years and/or those with a body mass index of up to 35 kg/m2, recognizing the reduced likelihood of conception in such women. We acknowledge that our sample may have some elements of infertility related to age and being overweight. However, the fertility potential generally declines more rapidly from the age of 35 years, and an arbitrary line must be drawn somewhere; therefore, our trial elected to employ a pragmatic and inclusive approach using the age limit of 42 years.

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