Reply of the Authors: Quality or quantity? Pitfalls of assessing the effect of endometrial thickness on live birth rates

Reply to Letter to the Editor

VOLUME 118, ISSUE 2, P429


Neal Mahutte, M.D., Lynn Meng, M.S., Andrea Lanes, Ph.D., Kimberly E. Liu, M.Dc.


The investigators thank Ata et al. for their comments on our study. Although we chose to use stratification to account for potential confounders in our manuscript (1), we agree that multivariate regression is another method that could be used. We have run an unadjusted modified Poisson regression for the live birth rate for both fresh embryo transfers and frozen embryo transfers (FETs), and the findings are consistent with the results reported in our manuscript. The exposure groups for these models were categorized according to the endometrial thickness: <7.0; 7.0–7.9 (reference group); and ≥8.0 mm.

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