Smoking and infertility: a committee opinion

Smoking interferes with fertility of both males and fe- males and can decrease the effectiveness of assisted reproductive technologies.

Volume 110, Issue 4, Pages 611–618


Practice Committee of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine 


Approximately 21% of women of reproductive age and 22% of men of reproductive age in the United States smoke cigarettes. Substantial harmful effects of cigarette smoke on fecundity and reproduction have become apparent but are not generally appreciated. This committee opinion reviews the potential deleterious effects of smoking on conception, ovarian follicular dynamics, sperm parameters, gamete mutations, early pregnancy, and assisted reproductive technology (ART) outcomes. It also reviews the current status of smoking cessation strategies. This document replaces the 2012 ASRM Practice Committee document of the same name (Fertil Steril 2012;98:1400–6).

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