Teaming in the contemporary fertility clinic: creating a culture to optimize patient care

Teaming improves collaboration and patient care in the fertility clinic.

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 VOLUME 117, ISSUE 1, P15-21


Danielle A. Lukish, B.S., Chantel I. Cross, M.D., Megan E. Gornet, M.D., Mindy S. Christianson, M.D. 


When a diverse group of individuals is working together in the contemporary fertility clinic to provide time-sensitive and complex care for patients, a high degree of coordination and collaboration must take place. When performed dynamically, this process is referred to as teaming. Although the positive impact of teamwork in health care settings has been well established in the literature, the concept of teaming has limited foundation in the clinic. This review will provide an overview of how teaming can be used to improve patient care in today’s fertility clinics. Approaches to integrating teaming into the clinic that will be discussed include framing, the creation of a psychologically safe environment for staff input, and facilitating collaborative constructs to support teaming. Best practices to implement teaming and how to address challenges to teaming in today’s clinical environment will also be addressed.

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