Time-lapse imaging

Fertile Battle

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Volume 109, Issue 4, Page 583


Richard J. Paulson, M.D., M.S.


In this issue, the Fertile Battle debate addresses the topic of time-lapse imaging. Whereas sequential visual evaluation of the developing embryo has always been a part of the monitoring process of embryo growth, only recently have commercial interests become involved in the production of equipment that can monitor embryo development autonomously and nearly continuously. At first glance, it seems intuitive that this technological advance would have to be helpful; why move the embryo physically onto a microscope stage if the same observational information can be gathered from a microscope built directly into the incubator? If no harm comes to the embryo, why not simply add built-in microscopes and image recording technology to the rest of the equipment in the in vitro fertilization (IVF) laboratory?


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