November 2017: Semen Quality and Pregnancy Loss

Journal Club Global
November 2017: Semen Quality and Pregnancy Loss

Michael Eisenberg, M.D., and coauthors Germaine Buck Louis, Ph.D., and Kate Sapra, M.D., M.P.H., join experts in the field including Stephen Krawetz, Ph.D., and Tim Jenkins, Ph.D., to discuss "Semen quality and pregnancy loss in a contemporary cohort of couples recruited before conception: Data from the LIFE Study."

Questions addressed include:

  • In what ways can semen parameters impact the risk of pregnancy loss?
  • How does DNA fragmentation impact risk of pregnancy loss?
  • Do semen parameter confer differential risk to women with recurrent miscarriage?
  • How are sperm DNA methylation patterns determined, and do the predict miscarriage?
  • What study design is best to interrogate this important issue? 

The Journal Club Global is hosted by Jessica Spencer, M.D., Jennifer Kawwass, M.D., Audrey Marsidi, M.D., and Akanksha Mehta, M.D., from Emory University School of Medicine. The event is moderated by Fertility and Sterility's Video and New Media Editor, Kurt Barnhart, M.D., M.S.C.E. (University of Pennsylvania), and Interactive Associate-in-Chief Micah Hill, D.O. (National Institutes of Health).

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