BRCA mutations and reproduction

This review aims to summarize current knowledge about BRCA mutations carriers’ ovarian reserve, pre- implantation genetic diagnosis, and ovulation induction protocols for in vitro fertilization.

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Volume 109, Issue 1, Pages 33–38


Hagit Daum, M.D., Tamar Peretz, M.D., Neri Laufer, M.D.


Deleterious mutations in BRCA1 or BRCA2 genes have long been recognized as independent risk factors, mostly for breast and ovarian cancer. Numerous studies have evaluated the molecular processes involving these genes, the pathophysiology of BRCAness, follow up options and modes of prophylaxis. The fertility of BRCAcarriers, however, has not been widely investigated. The aim of the present work is to review the literature pertaining to this issue.

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