Endometrial scratching to increase pregnancy rates with intrauterine insemination


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Volume 109, Issue 1, Page 56


Jeffrey M. Goldberg, M.D.


Reflections on "Endometrial scratch injury before intrauterine insemination: is it time to re-evaluate its value? Evidence from a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials" by Vitagliano et al.

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almost 4 years ago

Dear Prof Goldberg.  Very nice compilation of the field.  Besides facilitating decidualization or activation of immune response or helping to improve synchrony - endometrial scratching may also lead to increased mobilization of stem cells to the site of injury where they undergo differentiation and improve endometrial cells population comprising the receptive site.  Stem cells are known to get mobilized in response to stress in an attempt to restore homeostasis.  However, this needs to be demonstrated in animal models.  Is there any mouse model to study this?