Introduction: Contemporary approaches to alternative ovarian stimulation strategies for in vitro fertilization

Optimal ovarian stimulation has not yet been established. There are many options for alternative stimulation strategies, and all may need to be incorporated into a personalized medicine approach.

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Volume 108, Issue 4, Pages 555–557


Richard J. Paulson, M.D.


In the current practice of IVF, the vast majority of cycles use some form of controlled ovarian stimulation before egg retrieval to increase the number of embryos available for transfer or cryopreservation. However, the optimal stimulation regimen has not been established. This month's Views and Reviews presents five different approaches to alternative ovarian stimulation strategies. These include mild stimulation regimens, modified natural cycles, stimulation with oral agents, in vitro maturation (in the absence of stimulation), and finally, a proposal for patient-tailored ovarian stimulation. As the treatment of infertility becomes more personalized, it is likely that standard, heavy-handed stimulation protocols will give way to simpler strategies, specifically tailored to each patient's individual characteristics and needs.

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