July 2017

Volume 108, Issue 1

Views and Reviews

Introduction: Endometrial function: facts, urban legends, and an eye to the future
Diana Valbuena, Cecilia T. Valdes, Carlos Simon
Vol 108 | No. 1 | July 2017 | Pages 4–8

Recurrent implantation failure is a pathology with a specific transcriptomic signature
Nick Macklon
Vol 108 | No. 1 | July 2017 | Pages 9–14

Implantation failure of endometrial origin: it is not pathology, but our failure to synchronize the developing embryo with a receptive endometrium
Cecilia T. Valdes, Amy Schutt, Carlos Simon
Vol 108 | No. 1 | July 2017 | Pages 15–18

Endometrial receptivity in the eutopic endometrium of women with endometriosis: it is affected, and let me show you why
Bruce A. Lessey, J. Julie Kim
Vol 108 | No. 1 | July 2017 | Pages 19–27

Endometrial receptivity in eutopic endometrium in patients with endometriosis: it is not affected, and let me show you why
Jose Miravet-Valenciano, María Ruiz-Alonso, Eva Gómez, Juan A. Garcia-Velasco
Vol 108 | No. 1 | July 2017 | Pages 28–31

Endometrial microbiota—new player in town
Inmaculada Moreno, Jason M. Franasiak
Vol 108 | No. 1 | July 2017 | Pages 32–39


Inform and consent: more than just “sign here” Jody Lynee Madeira, Kathryn Coyne, Ami S. Jaeger, J. Preston Parry, Steven R. Lindheim
Vol 108 | No. 1 | July 2017 | Pages 40–41


Novel approach to recurrent implantation failure: short-term copper intrauterine device placement
Linnea R. Goodman, Jason M. Franasiak
Vol 108 | No. 1 | July 2017 | Pages 42–43

Recurrent implantation failure is another indication for the freeze-all strategyBruce S. Shapiro, Forest C. Garner
Vol 108 | No. 1 | July 2017 | Page 44

Fertility and Sterility: 50 years ago today

Original descriptions of the relationship between epididymal function and sperm morphology
Martin Kathrins
Vol 108 | No. 1 | July 2017 | Pages 45–46


Expression of ciliated bronchial epithelium 1 during human spermatogenesisChristiane Pleuger, Daniela Fietz, Katja Hartmann, Hans-Christian Schuppe, Wolfgang Weidner, Sabine Kliesch, Mark Baker, Moira K. O'Bryan, Martin Bergmann
Vol 108 | No. 1 | July 2017 | Pages 47–54

Assisted reproduction

Short-term copper intrauterine device placement improves the implantation and pregnancy rates in women with repeated implantation failure Xiaoyan Mao, Jie Zhang, Qiuju Chen, Yanping Kuang, Shaozhen Zhang
Vol 108 | No. 1 | July 2017 | Pages 55–61.e1

Detailed investigation into the cytogenetic constitution and pregnancy outcome of replacing mosaic blastocysts detected with the use of high-resolution next-generation sequencing
Santiago Munné, Joshua Blazek, Michael Large, Pedro A. Martinez-Ortiz, Haley Nisson, Emmeline Liu, Nicoletta Tarozzi, Andrea Borini, Amie Becker, John Zhang, Susan Maxwell, James Grifo, Dhruti Babariya, Dagan Wells, Elpida Fragouli
Vol 108 | No. 1 | July 2017 | Pages 62–71.e8

Revisiting the management of recurrent implantation failure through freeze-all policy
Yasmin Magdi, Ahmed El-Damen, Ahmed Mohamed Fathi, Ahmed Mostafa Abdelaziz, Mohamed Abd-Elfatah Youssef, Ahmed Abd-Elmaged Abd-Allah, Mona Ahmed Elawady, Mohamed Ahmed Ibrahim, Yehia Edris 

Vol 108 | No. 1 | July 2017 | Pages 72–77

Polarization microscopy imaging for the identification of unfertilized oocytes after short-term insemination
Yi Guo, Wenqiang Liu, Yu Wang, Jiaping Pan, Shanshan Liang, Jingling Ruan, Xiaoming Teng
Vol 108 | No. 1 | July 2017 | Pages 78–83

Pregnancy outcome of in vitro fertilization after Essure and laparoscopic management of hydrosalpinx: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Bin Xu, Qiong Zhang, Jing Zhao, Yonggang Wang, Dabao Xu, Yanping Li
Vol 108 | No. 1 | July 2017 | Pages 84–95.e5

Human embryo research in Belgium: an overview
Guido Pennings, Seppe Segers, Sophie Debrock, Björn Heindryckx, Velichka Kontozova-Deutsch, Usha Punjabi, Hilde vande Velde, André van Steirteghem, Heidi Mertes
Vol 108 | No. 1 | July 2017 | Pages 96–107

Early pregnancy

Comparison of ectopic pregnancy risk among transfers of embryos vitrified on day 3, day 5, and day 6
Tong Du, Hong Chen, Rong Fu, Qiuju Chen, Yun Wang, Ben W. Mol, Yanping Kuang, Qifeng Lyu
Vol 108 | No. 1 | July 2017 | Pages 108–116.e1


Sclerotherapy in the management of ovarian endometrioma: systematic review and meta-analysis
Aviad Cohen, Benny Almog, Togas Tulandi
Vol 108 | No. 1 | July 2017 | Pages 117–124.e5

Reevaluating response and failure of medical treatment of endometriosis: a systematic review
Christian M. Becker, William T. Gattrell, Kerstin Gude, Sukhbir S. Singh
Vol 108 | No. 1 | July 2017 | Pages 125–136


Ovarian stimulation and risk of breast cancer in Swedish women
Frida E. Lundberg, Anastasia N. Iliadou, Kenny Rodriguez-Wallberg, Christina Bergh, Kristina Gemzell-Danielsson, Anna L.V. Johansson
Vol 108 | No. 1 | July 2017 | Pages 137–144


Genetic analysis of Mayer-Rokitansky-Kuster-Hauser syndrome in a large cohort of families
Lacey S. Williams, Durkadin Demir Eksi, Yiping Shen, Amy C. Lossie, Lynn P. Chorich, Megan E. Sullivan, John A. Phillips III, Munire Erman, Hyung-Goo Kim, Ozgul M. Alper, Lawrence C. Layman
Vol 108 | No. 1 | July 2017 | Pages 145–151.e2


Elagolix for the management of heavy menstrual bleeding associated with uterine fibroids: results from a phase 2a proof-of-concept study
David F. Archer, Elizabeth A. Stewart, Rita I. Jain, Robert A. Feldman, Andrea S. Lukes, Janine D. North, Ahmed M. Soliman, Jingjing Gao, Juki W. Ng, Kristof Chwalisz
Vol 108 | No. 1 | July 2017 | Pages 152–160.e4

Mental health

Psychological and emotional concomitants of infertility diagnosis in women with diminished ovarian reserve or anatomical cause of infertility
Jennifer M. Nicoloro-SantaBarbara, Marci Lobel, Silvina Bocca, James R. Stelling, Lisa M. Pastore
Vol 108 | No. 1 | July 2017 | Pages 161–167

Reproductive endocrinology

Fertility in adult women with classic galactosemia and primary ovarian insufficiency
Britt van Erven, Gerard T. Berry, David Cassiman, Geraldine Connolly, Maria Forga, Matthias Gautschi, Cynthia S. Gubbels, Carla E.M. Hollak, Mirian C. Janssen, Ina Knerr, Philippe Labrune, Janneke G. Langendonk, Katrin Õunap, Abel Thijs, Rein Vos, Saskia B. Wortmann, M. Estela Rubio-Gozalbo
Vol 108 | No. 1 | July 2017 | Pages 168–174

Characterization of hormonal profiles during the luteal phase in regularly menstruating women
Rene Ecochard, Thomas Bouchard, Rene Leiva, Saman Abdulla, Olivier Dupuis, Olivia Duterque, Marie Garmier Billard, Hans Boehringer, Christophe Genolini
Vol 108 | No. 1 | July 2017 | Pages 175–182.e1


Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender content on reproductive endocrinology and infertility clinic websites
Harold Y. Wu, Ophelia Yin, Brent Monseur, Jessica Selter, Lillian J. Collins, Brandyn D. Lau, Mindy S. Christianson
Vol 108 | No. 1 | July 2017 | Pages 183–191