August 2017

Volume 108, Issue 2

Introduction: The specter of opiate addiction in reproductive medicine

William D. Schlaff

Vol 108 | No. 2 | August 2017 | Pages 193–194


Women and the opioid crisis: historical context and public health solutions

Mishka Terplan

Vol 108 | No. 2 | August 2017 | Pages 195–199

Perioperative pain management strategies among women having reproductive surgeries

Malavika Prabhu, Pietro Bortoletto, Brian T. Bateman

Vol 108 | No. 2 | August 2017 | Pages 200–206


Impact of the opioid system on the reproductive axis

Bettina Böttcher, Beata Seeber, Gerhard Leyendecker, Ludwig Wildt

Vol 108 | No. 2 | August 2017 | Pages 207–213


Screening, brief intervention, and referral to treatment for opioid and other substance use during infertility treatment

Tricia E. Wright

Vol 108 | No. 2 | August 2017 | Pages 214–221


Treatments for opioid use disorder among pregnant and reproductive-aged women

Dennis J. Hand, Vanessa L. Short, Diane J. Abatemarco

Vol 108 | No. 2 | August 2017 | Pages 222–227




Preimplantation genetic screening: what is the clinical efficiency?

Richard J. Paulson

Vol 108 | No. 2 | August 2017 | Pages 228–230


There's no difference—are you sure?

David R. Meldrum, H. Irene Su

Vol 108 | No. 2 | August 2017 | Pages 231–232




Freeze-only in vitro fertilization cycles for all?

Christos Coutifaris

Vol 108 | No. 2 | August 2017 | Pages 233–234


Predictive factors for live birth in donor oocyte-recipient cycles

Nigel Pereira, Isaac Kligman

Vol 108 | No. 2 | August 2017 | Page 235


Endometriosis and risk of embryonic aneuploidy?

Jacques Donnez

Vol 108 | No. 2 | August 2017 | Pages 236–237


Vital signs: when twin bliss doesn't measure up

Luk Rombauts

Vol 108 | No. 2 | August 2017 | Pages 238–239


Cancer and uterine preservation: a first step toward preserving fertility after pelvic radiation

Farr Nezhat, Rebecca Falik

Vol 108 | No. 2 | August 2017 | Pages 240–241


Creation of a neovagina: what should our focus be when choosing the “right” operative technique?

René Wenzl

Vol 108 | No. 2 | August 2017 | Page 242


The future of human uterine transplantation: can minimally invasive techniques provide a uterus suitable for transplant?

Tommaso Falcone, Ruth M. Farrell, Rebecca Flyckt

Vol 108 | No. 2 | August 2017 | Pages 243–244

For ovarian malignancies, oocyte retrieval is better out of the body

Mindy S. Christianson

Vol 108 | No. 2 | August 2017 | Pages 245–246




Sperm donor conception and disclosure to children: a 10-year retrospective follow-up study of parental attitudes in one French center for the study and preservation of eggs and sperm (CECOS)

Thierry Lassalzede, Marine Paci, Jocelyne Rouzier, Sophie Carez, Audrey Gnisci, Jacqueline Saias-Magnan, Carole Deveze, Jeanne Perrin, Catherine Metzler-Guillemain

Vol 108 | No. 2 | August 2017 | Pages 247–253


Assisted reproduction


Freeze-only versus fresh embryo transfer in a multicenter matched cohort study: contribution of progesterone and maternal age to success rates

Ange Wang, Anthony Santistevan, Karen Hunter Cohn, Alan Copperman, John Nulsen, Brad T. Miller, Eric Widra, Lynn M. Westphal, Piraye Yurttas Beim

Vol 108 | No. 2 | August 2017 | Pages 254–261.e4


Total number of oocytes and zygotes are predictive of live birth pregnancy in fresh donor oocyte in vitro fertilization cycles

Eduardo Hariton, Keewan Kim, Sunni L. Mumford, Marissa Palmor, Pietro Bortoletto, Eden R. Cardozo, Anatte E. Karmon, Mary E. Sabatini, Aaron K. Styer

Vol 108 | No. 2 | August 2017 | Pages 262–268


Effects of high progesterone level on the day of human chorionic gonadotrophin administration in in vitro fertilization cycles on epigenetic modification of endometrium in the peri-implantation period

Yujing Xiong, Jianzhang Wang, Liu Liu, Xiaoyan Chen, Hui Xu, Tin Chiu Li, Chi Chiu Wang, Songying Zhang

Vol 108 | No. 2 | August 2017 | Pages 269–276.e1


Humid versus dry incubator: a prospective, randomized, controlled trial

Mohamed Fawzy, Mohamed Y. AbdelRahman, Mohamed H. Zidan, Faten F. Abdel Hafez, Hazem Abdelghafar, Hesham Al-Inany, Mohamed A. Bedaiwy

Vol 108 | No. 2 | August 2017 | Pages 277–283



Patients with endometriosis have aneuploidy rates equivalent to their age-matched peers in the in vitro fertilization population

Caroline Juneau, Emily Kraus, Marie Werner, Jason Franasiak, Scott Morin, George Patounakis, Thomas Molinaro, Dominique de Ziegler, Richard T. Scott

Vol 108 | No. 2 | August 2017 | Pages 284–288


Higher prevalence of chronic endometritis in women with endometriosis: a possible etiopathogenetic link

Ettore Cicinelli, Giuseppe Trojano, Marcella Mastromauro, Antonella Vimercati, Marco Marinaccio, Paola Carmela Mitola, Leonardo Resta, Dominique de Ziegler

Vol 108 | No. 2 | August 2017 | Pages 289–295.e1


Early pregnancy


First-trimester inter- and intrafetal size discrepancies in bichorionic twins conceived by in vitro fertilization: can it predict pregnancy outcome?

Ron Bardin, Galia Oron, Yael Levy, Onit Sapir, Israel Meizner, Benjamin Fisch, Arnon Wiznitzer, Eran Hadar

Vol 108 | No. 2 | August 2017 | Pages 296–301




Association of vitamin D intake and serum levels with fertility: results from the Lifestyle and Fertility Study

June L. Fung, Terryl J. Hartman, Rosemary L. Schleicher, Marlene B. Goldman

Vol 108 | No. 2 | August 2017 | Pages 302–311




Urinary triclosan concentrations and diminished ovarian reserve among women undergoing treatment in a fertility clinic

Lidia Mínguez-Alarcón, Georgios Christou, Carmen Messerlian, Paige L. Williams, Courtney C. Carignan, Irene Souter, Jennifer B. Ford, Antonia M. Calafat, Russ Hauser for the EARTH Study Team

Vol 108 | No. 2 | August 2017 | Pages 312–319


Fertility preservation


Uterine transposition: technique and a case report

Reitan Ribeiro, Juliano Camargo Rebolho, Fernanda Keiko Tsumanuma, Giovana Gugelmin Brandalize, Carlos Henrique Trippia, Karam Abou Saab

Vol 108 | No. 2 | August 2017 | Pages 320–324.e1


Mental health


Conception by means of in vitro fertilization is not associated with maternal depressive symptoms during pregnancy or postpartum

Pietro Gambadauro, Stavros Iliadis, Emma Bränn, Alkistis Skalkidou

Vol 108 | No. 2 | August 2017 | Pages 325–332


Reproductive endocrinology


Increased rates of complications in singleton pregnancies of women previously diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome predominantly in the hyperandrogenic phenotype

Marlieke A. de Wilde, Marije Lamain-de Ruiter, Susanne M. Veltman-Verhulst, Anneke Kwee, Joop S. Laven, Cornelis B. Lambalk, Marinus J.C. Eijkemans, Arie Franx, Bart C.J.M. Fauser, Maria P.H. Koster

Vol 108 | No. 2 | August 2017 | Pages 333–340


Reproductive surgery


Evaluation of amnion in creation of neovagina in women with Mayer-Rokitansky-Kuster-Hauser syndrome

Richa Vatsa, Juhi Bharti, Kallol Kumar Roy, Sunesh Kumar, Jai Bhagwan Sharma, Neeta Singh, Seema Singhal, Jyoti Meena

Vol 108 | No. 2 | August 2017 | Pages 341–345


Modified human uterus transplantation using ovarian veins for venous drainage: the first report of surgically successful robotic-assisted uterus procurement and follow-up for 12 months

Li Wei, Tao Xue, Kai-Shan Tao, Geng Zhang, Guang-Yue Zhao, Shi-Qiang Yu, Liang Cheng, Zhao-Xu Yang, Min-Juan Zheng, Fei Li, Qiong wang, Ying han, Yong-Quan Shi, Hai-Long Dong, Zhi-Hong Lu, Yun Wang, Hong Yang, Xiang-Dong Ma, Shu-Juan Liu, Hai-Xia Liu, Li-Ze Xiong, Bi-Liang Chen

Vol 108 | No. 2 | August 2017 | Pages 346–356.e1




Ex vivo retrieval and cryopreservation of oocytes from oophorectomized specimens for fertility preservation in a BRCA1 mutation carrier with ovarian cancer

Nigel Pereira, Andrea G. Hubschmann, Jovana P. Lekovich, Glenn L. Schattman, Zev Rosenwaks

Vol 108 | No. 2 | August 2017 | Pages 357–360

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