Endometrial receptivity in eutopic endometrium in patients with endometriosis: it is not affected, and let me show you why

Endometrial receptivity does not vary between women with and without endometriosis, or across different stages of endometriosis.

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Volume 108, Issue 1, Pages 28–31


Jose Miravet-Valenciano, Ph.D., María Ruiz-Alonso, Ph.D., Eva Gómez, Ph.D., Juan A. Garcia-Velasco, M.D.


Many women with endometriosis experience compromised fertility. This disease clearly exerts quantitative damage on the ovaries, and perhaps, also qualitative damage. However, it remains controversial whether endometrial receptivity is compromised. Here we review the evidence from basic transcriptomic signature data to clinical data from an oocyte donation model and find support for the concept that endometrial receptivity is not impaired in women with endometriosis when healthy embryos reach the endometrial cavity.

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