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Volume 107, Issue 4

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Views and Reviews

Introduction: Obesity and reproduction

David R. Meldrum

Vol 107 | No. 4 | March 2017 | Pages 831–832

Obesity pandemic: causes, consequences, and solutions—but do we have the will?

David R. Meldrum, Marge A. Morris, Joseph C. Gambone

Vol 107 | No. 4 | March 2017 | Pages 833–839

Obesity and female infertility: potential mediators of obesity's impact

Darcy E. Broughton, Kelle H. Moley

Vol 107 | No. 4 | March 2017 | Pages 840–847

Obesity, male infertility, and the sperm epigenome

James R. Craig, Timothy G. Jenkins, Douglas T. Carrell, James M. Hotaling

Vol 107 | No. 4 | March 2017 | Pages 848–859

Effects of obesity treatment on female reproduction: results do not match expectations

Richard S. Legro

Vol 107 | No. 4 | March 2017 | Pages 860–867

Adverse effects of female obesity and interaction with race on reproductive potential

Barbara Luke

Vol 107 | No. 4 | March 2017 | Pages 868–877


Why should patients experience infertility or poor outcomes before using assisted reproductive technologies?

Carlos Simon

Vol 107 | No. 4 | March 2017 | Pages 878–879

Toward standardizing the embryo transfer procedure: from “how to” to “how many”

Richard J. Paulson, Richard H. Reindollar, Kevin J. Doody

Vol 107 | No. 4 | March 2017 | Pages 880–881

ASRM pages

Performing the embryo transfer: a guideline

Practice Committee of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine

Vol 107 | No. 4 | March 2017 | Pages 882–896

ASRM standard embryo transfer protocol template: a committee opinion

Practice Committee of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine Alan Penzias, Kristin Bendikson, Samantha Butts, Christos Coutifaris, Tommaso Falcone, Gregory Fossum, Susan Gitlin, Clarisa Gracia, Karl Hansen, Jennifer Mersereau, Randall Odem, Robert Rebar, Richard Reindollar, Mitchell Rosen, Jay Sandlow, Michael Vernon

Vol 107 | No. 4 | March 2017 | Pages 897–900

Guidance on the limits to the number of embryos to transfer: a committee opinion

the Practice Committee of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine the Practice Committee of the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology

Vol 107 | No. 4 | March 2017 | Pages 901–903


Microsurgical excision of testicular mass

Marc Goldstein

Vol 107 | No. 4 | March 2017 | Page 904

How good is good enough? Defining normal semen parameters after vasectomy reversal

Sarah L. Hecht, Jason C. Hedges

Vol 107 | No. 4 | March 2017 | Page 905

Healthy diets and men's contribution to fertility; is semen quality good enough?

Jorge E. Chavarro

Vol 107 | No. 4 | March 2017 | Pages 906–907

Long-awaited long-term follow-up of reproductive parameters in female offspring conceived with the use of intracytoplasmic sperm injection

Jason M. Franasiak

Vol 107 | No. 4 | March 2017 | Pages 908–909

The most well kept secret, embryo culture media: a smart reveal from an expert

Marcos Meseguer, Antonio Pellicer

Vol 107 | No. 4 | March 2017 | Page 910


Vasectomy reversal semen analysis: new reference ranges predict pregnancy

Ahmad Majzoub, Nicholas N. Tadros, A. Scott Polackwich, Rakesh Sharma, Ashok Agarwal, Edmund Sabanegh Jr.

Vol 107 | No. 4 | March 2017 | Pages 911–915

Strong adherence to a healthy dietary pattern is associated with better semen quality, especially in men with poor semen quality

Elsje C. Oostingh, Régine P.M. Steegers-Theunissen, Jeanne H.M. de Vries, Joop S.E. Laven, Maria P.H. Koster

Vol 107 | No. 4 | March 2017 | Pages 916–923.e2

Assisted reproduction

Progesterone luteal support after ovulation induction and intrauterine insemination: an updated systematic review and meta-analysis

Katherine A. Green, Jessica R. Zolton, Sophia M.V. Schermerhorn, Terrence D. Lewis, Mae W. Healy, Nancy Terry, Alan H. DeCherney, Micah J. Hill

Vol 107 | No. 4 | March 2017 | Pages 924–933.e5

Serum reproductive hormone levels and ultrasound findings in female offspring after intracytoplasmic sperm injection: first results

Florence Belva, Mathieu Roelants, Veerle Vloeberghs, Johan Schiettecatte, Jan Evenepoel, Maryse Bonduelle, Michel de Vos

Vol 107 | No. 4 | March 2017 | Pages 934–939

Perinatal outcomes in children born after fresh or frozen embryo transfer: a Catalan cohort study based on 14,262 newborns

Mar Vidal, Kilian Vellvé, Mireia González-Comadran, Ana Robles, Maria Prat, Mar Torné, Ramón Carreras, Miguel A. Checa

Vol 107 | No. 4 | March 2017 | Pages 940–947

Impact of oocyte donation on perinatal outcome in twin pregnancies

Lucie Guilbaud, Pietro Santulli, Eva Studer, Vanessa Gayet, François Goffinet, Camille Le Ray

Vol 107 | No. 4 | March 2017 | Pages 948–953.e1

Perinatal outcomes among singletons after assisted reproductive technology with single-embryo or double-embryo transfer versus no assisted reproductive technology

Angela S. Martin, Jeani Chang, Yujia Zhang, Jennifer F. Kawwass, Sheree L. Boulet, Patricia McKane, Dana Bernson, Dmitry M. Kissin, Denise J. Jamieson for the States Monitoring Assisted Reproductive Technology (SMART) Collaborative

Vol 107 | No. 4 | March 2017 | Pages 954–960

Uterine contractility and elastography as prognostic factors for pregnancy after intrauterine insemination

Nelly Swierkowski-Blanchard, Florence Boitrelle, Laura Alter, Jacqueline Selva, Thibaud Quibel, Antoine Torre

Vol 107 | No. 4 | March 2017 | Pages 961–968.e3


Spontaneous fertility after expectant or surgical management of rectovaginal endometriosis in women with or without ovarian endometrioma: a retrospective analysis

Umberto Leone Roberti Maggiore, Carolina Scala, Emanuela Tafi, Annalisa Racca, Ennio Biscaldi, Valerio Gaetano Vellone, Pier Luigi Venturini, Simone Ferrero

Vol 107 | No. 4 | March 2017 | Pages 969–976.e5

Functional outcomes after disc excision in deep endometriosis of the rectum using transanal staplers: a series of 111 consecutive patients

Horace Roman, Basma Darwish, Valérie Bridoux, Rachid Chati, Sabrina Kermiche, Julien Coget, Emmanuel Huet, Jean-Jacques Tuech

Vol 107 | No. 4 | March 2017 | Pages 977–986.e2

Important role of collective cell migration and nerve fiber density in the development of deep nodular endometriosis

Renan Orellana, Javier García-Solares, Jacques Donnez, Olivier van Kerk, Marie-Madeleine Dolmans, Olivier Donnez

Vol 107 | No. 4 | March 2017 | Pages 987–995.e5

Laparoscopy vs. Robotic Surgery for Endometriosis (LAROSE): a multicenter, randomized, controlled trial

Enrique Soto, Thanh Ha Luu, Xiaobo Liu, Javier F. Magrina, Megan N. Wasson, Jon I. Einarsson, Sarah L. Cohen, Tommaso Falcone

Vol 107 | No. 4 | March 2017 | Pages 996–1002.e3

Embryo transfer techniques: an American Society for Reproductive Medicine survey of current Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology practices

Thomas L. Toth, Malinda S. Lee, Kristin A. Bendikson, Richard H. Reindollar for the American Society for Reproductive Medicine Embryo Transfer Advisory Panel

Vol 107 | No. 4 | March 2017 | Pages 1003–1011

Environment and epidemiology

Demographic, lifestyle, and other factors in relation to antimüllerian hormone levels in mostly late premenopausal women

Seungyoun Jung, Naomi Allen, Alan A. Arslan, Laura Baglietto, Louise A. Brinton, Brian L. Egleston, Roni Falk, Renée T. Fortner, Kathy J. Helzlsouer, Annika Idahl, Rudolph Kaaks, Eva Lundin, Melissa Merritt, Charlotte Onland-Moret, Sabina Rinaldi, María-José Sánchez, Sabina Sieri, Helena Schock, Xiao-Ou Shu, Patrick M. Sluss, Paul N. Staats, Ruth C. Travis, Anne Tjønneland, Antonia Trichopoulou, Shelley Tworoger, Kala Visvanathan, Vittorio Krogh, Elisabete Weiderpass, Anne Zeleniuch-Jacquotte, Wei Zheng, Joanne F. Dorgan

Vol 107 | No. 4 | March 2017 | Pages 1012–1022.e2

Geographic access to assisted reproductive technology health care in the United States: a population-based cross-sectional study

John A. Harris, Marie N. Menke, Jessica K. Haefner, Michelle H. Moniz, Chithra R. Perumalswami

Vol 107 | No. 4 | March 2017 | Pages 1023–1027


Comparison of cytogenetics and molecular karyotyping for chromosome testing of miscarriage specimens

Meera Sridhar Shah, Cengiz Cinnioglu, Melissa Maisenbacher, Ioanna Comstock, Jonathan Kort, Ruth Bunker Lathi

Vol 107 | No. 4 | March 2017 | Pages 1028–1033

Maternal common variant rs2305957 spanning PLK4 is associated with blastocyst formation and early recurrent miscarriage

Qian Zhang, Guangyu Li, Lei Zhang, Xiaohe Sun, Dandan Zhang, Juanjuan Lu, Jinlong Ma, Junhao Yan, Zi-Jiang Chen

Vol 107 | No. 4 | March 2017 | Pages 1034–1040.e5

Mental health

Male factor infertility and lack of openness about infertility as risk factors for depressive symptoms in males undergoing assisted reproductive technology treatment in Italy

Alessandra Babore, Liborio Stuppia, Carmen Trumello, Carla Candelori, Ivana Antonucci

Vol 107 | No. 4 | March 2017 | Pages 1041–1047

Reproductive endocrinology

Prevalence of polycystic ovary syndrome in Chinese obese women of reproductive age with or without metabolic syndrome

Peiwen Liang, Liuqing Xi, Juan Shi, Wanyu Li, Shaoqian Zhao, Yuying Deng, Rui Wang, Yingkai Sun, Bin Gu, Lihui Yuan, Yifei Zhang, Weiqiong Gu, Weiqing Wang, Jie Hong

Vol 107 | No. 4 | March 2017 | Pages 1048–1054

Reproductive science

Composition of single-step media used for human embryo culture

Dean E. Morbeck, Nikola A. Baumann, Devin Oglesbee

Vol 107 | No. 4 | March 2017 | Pages 1055–1060.e1

In vitro effects of phthalate esters in human myometrial and leiomyoma cells and increased urinary level of phthalate metabolite in women with uterine leiomyoma

Jin Hee Kim, Sung Hoon Kim, Young Sang Oh, Hyo Jin Ihm, Hee Dong Chae, Chung-Hoon Kim, Byung Moon Kang

Vol 107 | No. 4 | March 2017 | Pages 061–1069.e1

Mu opioid receptor in the human endometrium: dynamics of its expression and localization during the menstrual cycle

Lide Totorikaguena, Estibaliz Olabarrieta, Roberto Matorras, Edurne Alonso, Ekaitz Agirregoitia, Naiara Agirregoitia

Vol 107 | No. 4 | March 2017 | Pages 1070–1077.e1

Reproductive surgery

Uterine viability in the baboon after ligation of uterine vasculature: a pilot study to assess alternative perfusion and venous return for uterine transplantation

Marie Shockley, Katrin Arnolds, Benjamin Beran, Krishna Rivas, Pedro Escobar, Andreas Tzakis, Tommaso Falcone, Michael L. Sprague, Stephen Zimberg

Vol 107 | No. 4 | March 2017 | Pages 1078–1082


Ovarian transposition: a surgical option for fertility preservation

Sara E. Arian, Linnea Goodman, Rebecca L. Flyckt, Tommaso Falcone

Vol 107 | No. 4 | March 2017 | Page e15

Microsurgical identification and excision of an intratesticular mass

Luís Felipe Sávio, Nachiketh Soodana Prakash, Raul Clavijo, Oleksandr N. Kryvenko, Ranjith Ramasamy

Vol 107 | No. 4 | March 2017 | Page e16

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