Zika virus detected in amniotic fluid and umbilical cord blood in an in vitro fertilization-conceived pregnancy in Venezuela

We discuss the detection of Zika virus and how it can cross the placental barrier and strengthen the association between Zika virus and cases of microcephaly and ventriculomegaly.

Volume 107, Issue 6, Pages 1319–1322


Isaac Benjamin, M.D., Gissel Fernández, M.D., José Valentin Figueira, M.D., Leticia Parpacén, M.D., María Teresa Urbina, M.Sc., Randolfo Medina, M.Sc.


Initial ultrasound findings in pregnancy may not be informative. Only at 21 weeks + 4 days of gestation did an ultrasound reveal fetal microcephaly and ventriculomegaly. Combined clinical, laboratory, and imaging findings provided a complete picture of the severe damage caused by Zika infection.

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