Serum reproductive hormone levels and ultrasound findings in female offspring after intracytoplasmic sperm injection: first results

Serum reproductive hormone levels and mean follicle count per ovary were similar between the oldest cohort worldwide of women born after intracytoplasmic sperm injection and spontaneously conceived peers.

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Volume 107, Issue 4, Pages 934–939


Florence Belva, M.D., Ph.D., Mathieu Roelants, Ph.D., Veerle Vloeberghs, M.D., Johan Schiettecatte, Jan Evenepoel, Maryse Bonduelle, M.D., Ph.D., Michel de Vos, M.D., Ph.D.


In this cohort of 71 young adult women conceived by means of ICSI because of male infertility in their parents, antral follicle count and circulating reproductive hormone levels, including AMH, FSH, LH, and DHEAS, were found to be similar to results from peers born after spontaneous conception.

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