Transferring embryos with genetic anomalies detected in preimplantation testing: an Ethics Committee Opinion

This Opinion discusses possible provider responses to patient requests for transfers of embryos with known genetic anomalies.

Volume 107, Issue 5, Pages 1130–1135


Ethics Committee of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine


Patient requests for transfer of embryos with genetic anomalies linked to serious health-affecting disorders detected in preimplantation testing are rare but do exist. This Opinion sets out the possible rationales for a provider's decision to assist or decline to assist in such transfers. The Committee concludes in most clinical cases it is ethically permissible to assist or decline to assist in transferring such embryos. In circumstances in which a child is highly likely to be born with a life-threatening condition that causes severe and early debility with no possibility of reasonable function, provider transfer of such embryos is ethically problematic and highly discouraged.

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