Introduction: A focus on the medical management of endometriosis

This Views and Reviews series examines noninvasive biomarkers, controversy around the use of oral contraceptives, long-term medical management, indications for surgery, and future developments in the medical management of endometriosis.

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Volume 107, Issue 3, Pages 521-522


Robert F. Casper, M.D.


In this views and reviews series of articles, we focus on the long-term medical management of endometriosis in lieu of surgery. The development of noninvasive biomarkers will facilitate the early diagnosis of endometriosis and early medical management. We discuss the use of oral progestin-only as first line treatment in place of oral contraceptives. Future medical treatments may be curative rather than simply suppressive or palliative. The section on surgery mainly pertains to failed medical management or specific types of endometriosis which require surgical excision.

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