Optimal culture conditions are critical for efficient expansion of human testicular somatic and germ cells in vitro

Improved human testicular germ cell survival in DMEM-F12 medium is attributed to limited somatic cell growth compared with commonly used Stempro- 34 medium. The adoption of DMEM-F12 medium for human spermatogonial stem cell culture may improve in vitro human spermatogonial stem cell proliferation.

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Volume 107, Issue 3, Pages 595–605


Itai Gat, M.D., Leila Maghen, M.Sc., Melissa Filice, M.Sc., Brandon Wyse, M.Sc., Khaled Zohni, M.D., Keith Jarvi, M.D., Kirk C. Lo, M.D., Andrée Gauthier Fisher, Ph.D., Clifford Librach, M.D.


Use of DMEM-F12 reduces TSC proliferation while preserving their unique characteristics, leading to improved germ cell aggregates formation compared with StemPro-34, the standard basal medium used in the majority of previous reports.

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