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Volume 106, Issue 6

Views and reviews

Introduction: 50 years of evolution of contraceptive medicine

Kurt T. Barnhart

Vol 106 | No. 6 | November 2016 | Pages 1271–1272

New developments in long-acting reversible contraception: the promise of intrauterine devices and implants to improve family planning services

David K. Turok, Lori M. Gawron, Samantha Lawson

Vol 106 | No. 6 | November 2016 | Pages 1273–1281

Hormonal contraception and obesity

Katharine B. Simmons, Alison B. Edelman

Vol 106 | No. 6 | November 2016 | Pages 1282–1288

Hormonal contraception and thrombosis

Regine Sitruk-Ware

Vol 106 | No. 6 | November 2016 | Pages 1289–1294

Pipeline for contraceptive development

Diana L. Blithe

Vol 106 | No. 6 | November 2016 | Pages 1295–1302

Male contraception

John K. Amory

Vol 106 | No. 6 | November 2016 | Pages 1303–1309


The milk we drink, food for thought

Ronit Haimov-Kochman, Laurence S. Shore, Neri Laufer

Vol 106 | No. 6 | November 2016 | Pages 1310–1311

Seminal contribution

Proof of concept: preimplantation genetic screening without embryo biopsy through analysis of cell-free DNA in spent embryo culture media

Mousa I. Shamonki, Helen Jin, Zachary Haimowitz, Lian Liu

Vol 106 | No. 6 | November 2016 | Pages 1312–1318

ASRM pages

Provision of fertility services for women at increased risk of complications during fertility treatment or pregnancy: an Ethics Committee opinion

Ethics Committee of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine

Vol 106 | No. 6 | November 2016 | Pages 1319–1323


Noninvasive preimplantation genetic testing: dream or reality?

Alan H. Handyside

Vol 106 | No. 6 | November 2016 | Pages 1324–1325

Lack of male factor evaluation and opportunities lost

Mark S. Hockenberry, Larry I. Lipshultz

Vol 106 | No. 6 | November 2016 | Pages 1326–1327

Preimplantation genetic diagnosis: why are obstetric and neonatal risks increased? The need for more data

Andrea Borini, Nicoletta Tarozzi, Cristina Lagalla

Vol 106 | No. 6 | November 2016 | Pages 1328–1329

Fertility and Sterility: 50 years ago

Ovarian hyperstimulation: past, present, and future

Eve C. Feinberg

Vol 106 | No. 6 | November 2016 | Page 1330


Alterations of testis-specific promoter methylation in cell-free seminal deoxyribonucleic acid of idiopathic nonobstructive azoospermic men with different testicular phenotypes

Chunlin Wu, Xiaofang Ding, Huiping Tan, Honggang Li, Chengliang Xiong

Vol 106 | No. 6 | November 2016 | Pages 1331–1337

Undergoing varicocele repair before assisted reproduction improves pregnancy rate and live birth rate in azoospermic and oligospermic men with a varicocele: a systematic review and meta-analysis

E. Will Kirby, Laura Elizabeth Wiener, Saneal Rajanahally, Karen Crowell, Robert M. Coward

Vol 106 | No. 6 | November 2016 | Pages 1338–1343

Leydig cell tumor found incidentally during microscopic testicular sperm extraction in patient with mosaic Klinefelter syndrome: case report

Nathan M. Shaw, Craig Stauffer, Michael L. Eisenberg

Vol 106 | No. 6 | November 2016 | Pages 1344–1347

Assisted reproduction

How does closed system vitrification of human oocytes affect the clinical outcome? A prospective, observational, cohort, noninferiority trial in an oocyte donation program

Achilleas Papatheodorou, Pierre Vanderzwalmen, Yannis Panagiotidis, Stamatios Petousis, Giuseppe Gullo, Evangelia Kasapi, Maria Goudakou, Nikos Prapas, Kostas Zikopoulos, Ioannis Georgiou, Yannis Prapas

Vol 106 | No. 6 | November 2016 | Pages 1348–1355

Dual trigger for final oocyte maturation improves the oocyte retrieval rate of suboptimal responders to gonadotropin-releasing hormone agonist

Xuefeng Lu, Qingqing Hong, LiHua Sun, Qiuju Chen, Yonglun Fu, Ai Ai, Qifeng Lyu, Yanping Kuang

Vol 106 | No. 6 | November 2016 | Pages 1356–1362

Preimplantation genetic diagnosis: a national multicenter obstetric and neonatal follow-up study

Bjorn Bay, Hans Jakob Ingerslev, Josephine Gabriela Lemmen, Birte Degn, Iben Anne Rasmussen, Ulrik Schiøler Kesmodel

Vol 106 | No. 6 | November 2016 | Pages 1363–1369.e1

Delayed blastulation, multinucleation, and expansion grade are independently associated with live-birth rates in frozen blastocyst transfer cycles

Nina Desai, Stephanie Ploskonka, Linnea Goodman, Marjan Attaran, Jeffrey M. Goldberg, Cynthia Austin, Tommaso Falcone

Vol 106 | No. 6 | November 2016 | Pages 1370–1378

Automatic time-lapse instrument is superior to single-point morphology observation for selecting viable embryos: retrospective study in oocyte donation

Belén Aparicio-Ruiz, Natalia Basile, Sonia Pérez Albalá, Fernando Bronet, José Remohí, Marcos Meseguer

Vol 106 | No. 6 | November 2016 | Pages 1379–1385.e10

Ratio between inner cell mass diameter and blastocyst diameter is correlated with successful pregnancy outcomes of single blastocyst transfers

Miriam Almagor, Yael Harir, Sheila Fieldust, Yuval Or, Zeev Shoham

Vol 106 | No. 6 | November 2016 | Pages 1386–1391

Structural and morphologic differences in human oocytes after in vitro maturation compared with standard in vitro fertilization

Melanie L. Walls, Roger Hart, Jeffrey A. Keelan, John P. Ryan

Vol 106 | No. 6 | November 2016 | Pages 1392–1398.e5

Early pregnancy

Prevalences and pregnancy outcome of vanishing twin pregnancies achieved by in vitro fertilization versus natural conception

Virág Márton, János Zádori, Zoltan Kozinszky, Attila Keresztúri

Vol 106 | No. 6 | November 2016 | Pages 1399–1406

Longitudinal changes in maternal serum concentrations of antimüllerian hormone in individual women during conception cycles and early pregnancy

Kristina Hamilton, Narelle Hadlow, Peter Roberts, Patricia Sykes, Allison McClements, Jacqui Coombes, Phillip Matson

Vol 106 | No. 6 | November 2016 | Pages 1407–1413.e2

Why do euploid embryos miscarry? A case-control study comparing the rate of aneuploidy within presumed euploid embryos that resulted in miscarriage or live birth using next-generation sequencing

Susan M. Maxwell, Pere Colls, Brooke Hodes-Wertz, David H. McCulloh, Caroline McCaffrey, Dagan Wells, Santiago Munné, James A. Grifo

Vol 106 | No. 6 | November 2016 | Pages 1414–1419.e5


Immune-inflammation gene signatures in endometriosis patients

Soo Hyun Ahn, Kasra Khalaj, Steven L. Young, Bruce A. Lessey, Madhuri Koti, Chandrakant Tayade

Vol 106 | No. 6 | November 2016 | Pages 1420–1431.e7

Development of ovarian cancer after excision of endometrioma

Hirofumi Haraguchi, Kaori Koga, Masashi Takamura, Tomoko Makabe, Fusako Sue, Mariko Miyashita, Yoko Urata, Gentaro Izumi, Miyuki Harada, Tetsuya Hirata, Yasushi Hirota, Osamu Wada-Hiraike, Katsutoshi Oda, Kei Kawana, Tomoyuki Fujii, Yutaka Osuga

Vol 106 | No. 6 | November 2016 | Pages 1432–1437.e2

Rectal shaving for deep endometriosis infiltrating the rectum: a 5-year continuous retrospective series

Horace Roman, Salwa Moatassim-Drissa, Noemie Marty, Mathilde Milles, Aurélie Vallée, Eulalie Desnyder, Emanuela Stochino Loi, Carole Abo

Vol 106 | No. 6 | November 2016 | Pages 1438–1445.e2

Environment and epidemiology

Antimüllerian hormone among women with and without type 1 diabetes: the Epidemiology of Diabetes Interventions and Complications Study and the Michigan Bone Health and Metabolism Study

Catherine Kim, Carrie Karvonen-Gutierrez, Shengchun Kong, Valerie Arends, Michael Steffes, Daniel S. McConnell, John F. Randolph Jr., Siobán D. Harlow

Vol 106 | No. 6 | November 2016 | Pages 1446–1452

Pregnancy intentions—a complex construct and call for new measures

Sunni L. Mumford, Katherine J. Sapra, Rosalind B. King, Jean Fredo Louis, Germaine M. Buck Louis

Vol 106 | No. 6 | November 2016 | Pages 1453–1462

Maternal serum screening markers and nuchal translucency measurements in in vitro fertilization pregnancies: a systematic review

Andrea Lanes, Tianhua Huang, Ann E. Sprague, Arthur Leader, Beth Potter, Mark Walker

Vol 106 | No. 6 | November 2016 | Pages 1463–1469.e2

Fertility preservation

Fertility counseling and preservation practices in youth with lupus and vasculitis undergoing gonadotoxic therapy

Leena Nahata, Vidya Sivaraman, Gwendolyn P. Quinn

Vol 106 | No. 6 | November 2016 | Pages 1470–1474

Ovarian stimulation in young adult cancer survivors on targeted cancer therapies

H. Irene Su, Meghan W. Connell, Lyudmila A. Bazhenova

Vol 106 | No. 6 | November 2016 | Pages 1475–1478


Management of the risks for inherited disease in donor-conceived offspring

Lauren Isley, Rena E. Falk, Jaime Shamonki, Charles A. Sims, Pamela Callum

Vol 106 | No. 6 | November 2016 | Pages 1479–1484

Minichromosome maintenance complex component 8 mutations cause primary ovarian insufficiency

Xiaoyun Dou, Ting Guo, Guangyu Li, LiGuang Zhou, Yingying Qin, Zi-Jiang Chen

Vol 106 | No. 6 | November 2016 | Pages 1485–1489.e2


Impact of luteal phase support with vaginal progesterone on the clinical pregnancy rate in intrauterine insemination cycles stimulated with gonadotropins: a randomized multicenter study

Karen Peeraer, Thomas D'Hooghe, Pascale Laurent, Sofie Pelckmans, Annick Delvigne, Annouschka Laenen, Myriam Welkenhuysen, Christine Wyns, Diane De Neubourg

Vol 106 | No. 6 | November 2016 | Pages 1490–1495

Mental health, sexuality, and ethics

Screening of gestational carriers in the United States

Erika L. Fuchs, Abbey B. Berenson

Vol 106 | No. 6 | November 2016 | Pages 1496–1502

Gay father surrogacy families: relationships with surrogates and egg donors and parental disclosure of children's origins

Lucy Blake, Nicola Carone, Jenna Slutsky, Elizabeth Raffanello, Anke A. Ehrhardt, Susan Golombok

Vol 106 | No. 6 | November 2016 | Pages 1503–1509

Reproductive endocrinology

Phenotypes and body mass in women with polycystic ovary syndrome identified in referral versus unselected populations: systematic review and meta-analysis

Daria Lizneva, Richard Kirubakaran, Kateryna Mykhalchenko, Larisa Suturina, Galina Chernukha, Michael P. Diamond, Ricardo Azziz

Vol 106 | No. 6 | November 2016 | Pages 1510–1520.e2

Reproductive science

Altered expression of the tachykinins substance P/neurokinin A/hemokinin-1 and their preferred neurokinin 1/neurokinin 2 receptors in uterine leiomyomata

Ayoze González-Santana, Sara Marrero-Hernández, Idaira Dorta, Mariano Hernández, Francisco María Pinto, Delia Báez, Aixa R. Bello, Luz Candenas, Teresa A. Almeida

Vol 106 | No. 6 | November 2016 | Pages 1521–1529

Locostatin, a disrupter of Raf kinase inhibitor protein, inhibits extracellular matrix production, proliferation, and migration in human uterine leiomyoma and myometrial cells

Milijana Janjusevic, Stefania Greco, Md Soriful Islam, Clara Castellucci, Andrea Ciavattini, Paolo Toti, Felice Petraglia, Pasquapina Ciarmela

Vol 106 | No. 6 | November 2016 | Pages 1530–1538.e1

Human spermatogonial stem cells display limited proliferation in vitro under mouse spermatogonial stem cell culture conditions

Jose V. Medrano, Charlotte Rombaut, Carlos Simon, Antonio Pellicer, Ellen Goossens

Vol 106 | No. 6 | November 2016 | Pages 1539–1549.e8


Hysteroscopic morcellator to overcome cervical stenosis

Bijan W. Salari, Bala Bhagavath, Michael L. Galloway, Austin D. Findley, Jerome L. Yaklic, Steven R. Lindheim

Vol 106 | No. 6 | November 2016 | Pages e12–e13

Recurrent massive ascites due to mossy endometriosis

Erica C. Dun, Serena Wong, Nisha A. Lakhi, Ceana H. Nehzat

Vol 106 | No. 6 | November 2016 | Page e14

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