Perinatal complications of oocyte donation to women of advanced reproductive age


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Volume 107, Issue 1, Pages 62-63


Richard J. Paulson, M.D.


Reflections on "Oocyte donation recipients of very advanced age: perinatal complications for singletons and twins" by Guesdon et al.

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Fertility and Sterility

Editorial Office, American Society for Reproductive Medicine

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about 5 years ago
These are very interesting reflections on the paper by Guesdon et al., and on the topic of pregnancy outcomes after oocyte donation to women of advanced reproductive age. Is there an age cutoff recommendation by ASRM or similar organizations? It would be useful to know what cutoffs different practices use. In our practice the cutoff is 52, somewhat arbitrarily. It seems as if ASRM is not opposed to oocyte donation treatment in women over "50, particularly in the age range of 50–54, who are healthy and well-prepared for parenting" (whatever "well-prepared for parenting" means- is anyone "well-prepared for parenting?"). What age cutoffs do other practices use?