Reproductive outcomes of familial oocyte donation

The reproductive outcomes of familial and sister-tosister oocyte donation are similar to those of unrelated oocyte donation. These findings may help in counseling women who need oocyte donation.

Volume 106, Issue 7, Pages 1696-1702


Joseph Hasson, M.D., Togas Tulandi, M.D., M.H.C.M., Weon-Yong Son, Ph.D., Na'ama al Ma'mari, M.D., Ahmad Badeghiesh, M.D., Sammer Tannus, M.D., Janet Takefman, Ph.D., Tal Shavit, M.D., M.H.A.



Oocyte donation (OD) from a family member may be more available to patients. Our objective was to compare reproductive outcomes of familial OD with those of unrelated OD.


Retrospective cohort study in a single university-affiliated center.


Not applicable.


Four hundred thirty OD cycles performed from 2010 to 2014: 124 from family members and 306 from unrelated donors.



Main Outcome Measure(s)

Ovarian stimulation parameters and cycle outcomes (total gonadotropin dose, number of retrieved oocytes, number of embryos, number of vitrified embryos, blastocyst transfer rate, rate of fresh transfers); endometrial preparation parameters; implantation, clinical pregnancy, miscarriage, and live birth rates; perinatal outcomes (gestational age at birth, birth weight, delivery mode, cesarean delivery rates).


Implantation, clinical pregnancy, miscarriage, and live birth rates were similar between familial OD cycles and unrelated OD cycles (32.9% vs. 39.7%, 41.9% vs. 44.4%, 30.7% vs. 30.9%, and 29% vs. 28.7%, respectively). Gestational age at birth and birth weight were similar (37.8 wk ± 2.2 d vs. 37.1 wk ± 3 d and 3,043 ± 722 g vs. 2,906 ± 788 g, respectively). Similar outcomes were also found in single-embryo transfer OD cycles (live birth rate 26.7% vs. 24.2%). Sister-to-sister OD cycles outcomes were similar to those of unrelated donors.


The reproductive outcomes of familial OD are similar to those of unrelated OD. These findings are in contrast to previous presumptions regarding the efficiency of familial OD and may help in the counseling of women who need OD.

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