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Volume 106, Issue 2

Views and Reviews

Introduction: Evidence-based in vitro fertilization treatment of fresh versus frozen embryo transfer: peeling away the layers of the onion

Richard S. Legro

Vol 106 | No.2 | August 2016 | Pages 239–240

Maternal and perinatal outcomes after fresh versus frozen embryo transfer—what is the risk-benefit ratio?

Siladitya Bhattacharya

Vol 106 | No.2 | August 2016 | Pages 241–243

Cleavage-stage or blastocyst transfer: what are the benefits and harms?

Demián Glujovsky, Cynthia Farquhar

Vol 106 | No.2 | August 2016 | Pages 244–250

Fresh versus frozen: initial transfer or cumulative cycle results: how do we interpret results and design studies?

Marcelle I. Cedars

Vol 106 | No.2 | August 2016 | Pages 251–256


A fresh(er) perspective on frozen embryo transfers

Nigel Pereira, Zev Rosenwaks

Vol 106 | No.2 | August 2016 | Pages 257–258


Sociocultural influences on fertility in the Middle East: the role of parental consanguinity, obesity and vitamin D deficiency

Julia K. Bosdou, Efstratios M. Kolibianakis, Basil C. Tarlatzis, Human M. Fatemi

Vol 106 | No.2 | August 2016 | Pages 259–260

Seminal Contributions

One uterus bridging three generations: first live birth after mother-to-daughter uterus transplantation

Mats Brännström, Hans Bokström, Pernilla Dahm-Kähler, Cesar Diaz-Garcia, Jana Ekberg, Anders Enskog, Henrik Hagberg, Liza Johannesson, Niclas Kvarnström, Johan Mölne, Michael Olausson, Jan I. Olofsson, Kenny Rodriguez-Wallberg

Vol 106 | No.2 | August 2016 | Pages 261–266


Toward a better understanding of the oocyte donation/pre-eclampsia connection

Frederick Licciardi

Vol 106 | No.2 | August 2016 | Page 267

Gonadotropin-releasing hormone agonist for luteal phase support: the origin of the concept, current experience, mechanism of action and future perspectives

Jan Tesarik, Raquel Mendoza-Tesarik, Nicolas Mendoza

Vol 106 | No.2 | August 2016 | Pages 268–269

Gestational surrogacy: a call for safer practice

Joshua Kapfhamer, Bradley Van Voorhis

Vol 106 | No.2 | August 2016 | Pages 270–271

Conservation of ovarian reserve across ethnicities: evidence of the evolutionary importance of maintenance of ovarian reserve

Erica B. Johnstone, James M. Hotaling

Vol 106 | No.2 | August 2016 | Page 272


Effects of n-6 and n-3 polyunsaturated acid-rich soybean phosphatidylcholine on membrane lipid profile and cryotolerance of human sperm

Alessandra A. Vireque, Alessandra Tata, Oswaldo F.L.L.O. Silva, Edson G. LoTurco, Augusto Azzolini, Christina R. Ferreira, Marilda H.Y. Dantas, Rui A. Ferriani, Rosana M. Reis

Vol 106 | No.2 | August 2016 | Pages 273–283.e6

Assisted reproduction

Hypertensive pathologies and egg donation pregnancies: Results of a large comparative cohort study

Hélène Letur, Maëliss Peigné, Jeanine Ohl, Isabelle Cédrin-Durnerin, Emmanuelle Mathieu-D’Argent, Florence Scheffler, Veronika Grzegorczyk-Martin, Jacques de Mouzon

Vol 106 | No.2 | August 2016 | Pages 284–290

Study of nucleation status in the second cell cycle of human embryo and its impact on implantation rate

Jesus Aguilar, Irene Rubio, Elkin Muñoz, Antonio Pellicer, Marcos Meseguer

Vol 106 | No.2 | August 2016 | Pages 291–299.e2

Efficacy and safety of frozen-thawed embryo transfer in women aged 35 to 42 years from the PURSUE randomized clinical trial

Robert Boostanfar, Davis Gates, Yanfen Guan, Keith Gordon, Christine McCrary Sisk, Barbara J. Stegmann

Vol 106 | No.2 | August 2016 | Pages 300–305.e5

Self-operated endovaginal telemonitoring: a prospective, clinical validation study

Isabel Pereira, Kyra von Horn, Marion Depenbusch, Askan Schultze-Mosgau, Georg Griesinger

Vol 106 | No.2 | August 2016 | Pages 306–310.e1

Impact of a prior cesarean delivery on embryo transfer: a prospective study

George Patounakis, Meghan C. Ozcan, Rebecca J. Chason, John M. Norian, Mark Payson, Alan H. DeCherney, Belinda J. Yauger

Vol 106 | No.2 | August 2016 | Pages 311–316

Comparison of birth weights in patients randomly assigned to fresh or frozen-thawed embryo transfer

Bruce S. Shapiro, Said T. Daneshmand, Carrie E. Bedient, Forest C. Garner

Vol 106 | No.2 | August 2016 | Pages 317–321

Effect of salpingectomy on ovarian response to hyperstimulation during in vitro fertilization: a meta-analysis

Minghui Fan, Lin Ma

Vol 106 | No.2 | August 2016 | Pages 322–329.e9

Intranasal gonadotropin-releasing hormone agonist (GnRHa) for luteal-phase support following GnRHa triggering, a novel approach to avoid ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome in high responders

Itai Bar-Hava, Yossi Mizrachi, Daphne Karfunkel-Doron, Yeela Omer, Liron Sheena, Nurit Carmon, Gila Ben-David

Vol 106 | No.2 | August 2016 | Pages 330–333

Flexibility in starting ovarian stimulation at different phases of the menstrual cycle for treatment of infertile women with the use of in vitro fertilization or intracytoplasmic sperm injection

Ningxin Qin, Qiuju Chen, Qingqing Hong, Renfei Cai, Hongyuan Gao, Yun Wang, Lihua Sun, Shaozhen Zhang, Haiyan Guo, Yonglun Fu, Ai Ai, Hui Tian, Qifeng Lyu, Salim Daya, Yanping Kuang

Vol 106 | No.2 | August 2016 | Pages 334–341.e1

Age, independent from ovarian reserve status, is the main prognostic factor in natural cycle in vitro fertilization

Iñaki González-Foruria, Juana Peñarrubia, Aina Borràs, Dolors Manau, Gemma Casals, Sara Peralta, Montserrat Creus, Janisse Ferreri, Ester Vidal, Francisco Carmona, Juan Balasch, Francisco Fàbregues

Vol 106 | No.2 | August 2016 | Pages 342–347.e2

Effects of early cleavage patterns of human embryos on subsequent in vitro development and implantation

Yamato Mizobe, Naoto Oya, Reiko Iwakiri, Naomi Yoshida, Yumi Sato, Kazuchika Miyoshi, Makoto Tokunaga, Yuji Ezono

Vol 106 | No.2 | August 2016 | Pages 348–353.e2

Factors associated with birth outcomes from cryopreserved blastocysts: experience from 4,597 autologous transfers of 7,597 cryopreserved blastocysts

Kevin S. Richter, Daniella K. Ginsburg, Sharon K. Shipley, Josh Lim, Michael J. Tucker, James R. Graham, Michael J. Levy

Vol 106 | No.2 | August 2016 | Pages 354–362.e2

Are intracytoplasmic sperm injection and high serum estradiol compounding risk factors for adverse obstetric outcomes in assisted reproductive technology?

Greene Donald Royster IV, Kavitha Krishnamoorthy, John M. Csokmay, Belinda J. Yauger, Rebecca J. Chason, Alan H. DeCherney, Erin F. Wolff, Micah J. Hill

Vol 106 | No.2 | August 2016 | Pages 363–370.e3

Early pregnancy

Dizygotic twin pregnancies after medically assisted reproduction and after natural conception: maternal and perinatal outcomes

Alexandra J. Bensdorp, Chantal W. Hukkelhoven, Fulco van der Veen, Ben W.J. Mol, Cornelis B. Lambalk, Madelon van Wely

Vol 106 | No.2 | August 2016 | Pages 371–377.e2


Syndecan-4 expression is upregulated in endometriosis and contributes to an invasive phenotype

Anca Chelariu-Raicu, Cornelia Wilke, Melanie Brand, Anna Starzinski-Powitz, Ludwig Kiesel, Andreas N. Schüring, Martin Götte

Vol 106 | No.2 | August 2016 | Pages 378–385

Risk of miscarriage in women with endometriosis: insights from in vitro fertilization cycles

Marta Leonardi, Enrico Papaleo, Marco Reschini, Luca Pagliardini, Laura Benaglia, Giorgio Candotti, Paola Viganó, Lavinia Quaranta, Maria Munaretto, Massimo Candiani, Paolo Vercellini, Edgardo Somigliana

Vol 106 | No.2 | August 2016 | Pages 386–392.e3

Endometrial expression and in vitro modulation of the iron transporter divalent metal transporter-1: implications for endometriosis

Carlos Patricio Alvarado-Díaz, Marco Tulio Núñez, Luigi Devoto, Reinaldo González-Ramos

Vol 106 | No.2 | August 2016 | Pages 393–401

Serum microRNAs as diagnostic markers of endometriosis: a comprehensive array-based analysis

Emine Cosar, Ramanaiah Mamillapalli, Gulcin Sahin Ersoy, SihYun Cho, Benjamin Seifer, Hugh S. Taylor

Vol 106 | No.2 | August 2016 | Pages 402–409

Risks of tubo-ovarian abscess in cases of endometrioma and assisted reproductive technologies are both under- and overreported

Claire Villette, Antoine Bourret, Pietro Santulli, Vanessa Gayet, Charles Chapron, Dominique de Ziegler

Vol 106 | No.2 | August 2016 | Pages 410–415

Administration of atosiban in patients with endometriosis undergoing frozen–thawed embryo transfer: a prospective, randomized study

Ye He, Huan Wu, Xiaojin He, Qiong Xing, Ping Zhou, Yunxia Cao, Zhaolian Wei

Vol 106 | No.2 | August 2016 | Pages 416–422

Environment and Epidemiology

Impact of fertility treatment on severe maternal morbidity

Erica T. Wang, John A. Ozimek, Naomi Greene, Lauren Ramos, Nina Vyas, Sarah J. Kilpatrick, Margareta D. Pisarska

Vol 106 | No.2 | August 2016 | Pages 423–426

Fertility problems and risk of gestational diabetes mellitus: a nationwide cohort study

Signe Holst, Susanne K. Kjær, Marit E. Jørgensen, Peter Damm, Allan Jensen

Vol 106 | No.2 | August 2016 | Pages 427–434.e1

Trends and outcomes of gestational surrogacy in the United States

Kiran M. Perkins, Sheree L. Boulet, Denise J. Jamieson, Dmitry M. Kissin, National Assisted Reproductive Technology Surveillance System (NASS) Group

Vol 106 | No.2 | August 2016 | Pages 435–442.e2

Novel correlates between antimüllerian hormone and menstrual cycle characteristics in African-American women (23–35 years-old)

Erica E. Marsh, Lia A. Bernardi, Marissa L. Steinberg, Peter J. de Chavez, Jenny A. Visser, Mercedes R. Carnethon, Donna D. Baird

Vol 106 | No.2 | August 2016 | Pages 443–450.e2

Body mass index, physical activity and fecundability in a North American preconception cohort study

Craig J. McKinnon, Elizabeth E. Hatch, Kenneth J. Rothman, Ellen M. Mikkelsen, Amelia K. Wesselink, Kristen A. Hahn, Lauren A. Wise

Vol 106 | No.2 | August 2016 | Pages 451–459

Effects of female and male body mass indices on the treatment outcomes and neonatal birth weights associated with in vitro fertilization/intracytoplasmic sperm injection treatment in China

Xiaodan Wang, Jiayuan Hao, Fuli Zhang, Jing Li, Huijuan Kong, Yihong Guo

Vol 106 | No.2 | August 2016 | Pages 460–466

Fertility preservation

Transplantations of frozen-thawed ovarian tissue demonstrate high reproductive performance and the need to revise restrictive criteria

Dror Meirow, Hila Ra'anani, Moran Shapira, Masha Brenghausen, Sanaz Derech Chaim, Sarit Aviel-Ronen, Ninette Amariglio, Eyal Schiff, Raoul Orvieto, Jehoshua Dor

Vol 106 | No.2 | August 2016 | Pages 467–474


Genotypically determined ancestry across an infertile population: ovarian reserve and response parameters are not influenced by continental origin

Meir Olcha, Jason M. Franasiak, Shefali Shastri, Thomas A. Molinaro, Haley Congdon, Nathan R. Treff, Richard T. Scott Jr.

Vol 106 | No.2 | August 2016 | Pages 475–480

CYP1A1 3801TC polymorphism implicated in altered xenobiotic metabolism is not associated with variations in sperm production and function as measured by total motile sperm and fertilization rates with intracytoplasmic sperm injection

Jason M. Franasiak, Rebecca Barnett, Thomas A. Molinaro, David Gabriele, Tori D. Gartmond, Nathan R. Treff, Richard T. Scott

Vol 106 | No.2 | August 2016 | Pages 481–486

Reproductive science

Bioengineered uterine tissue supports pregnancy in a rat model

Mats Hellström, Juan M. Moreno-Moya, Sara Bandstein, Eva Bom, Randa R. Akouri, Kaoru Miyazaki, Tetsuo Maruyama, Mats Brännström

Vol 106 | No.2 | August 2016 | Pages 487–496.e1


Laparoscopic management of diaphragmatic endometriosis by three different approaches

Horace Roman, Basma Darwish, Delphine Provost, Jean-Marc Baste

Vol 106 | No.2 | August 2016 | Page e1