Live birth following in vitro maturation of oocytes retrieved from extracorporeal ovarian tissue aspiration and embryo cryopreservation for 5 years

Extracorporeal aspiration of immature oocytes from ovarian tissue, in vitro maturation, embryo cryopreservation, and a delayed frozen embryo transfer ultimately led to a live birth.

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Peter S. Uzelac, M.D., Abigail A. Delaney, M.D., Greg L. Christensen, Ph.D., Henry C.L. Bohler, M.D., Steven T. Nakajima, M.D.

Volume 104, Issue 5, Pages 1258-1260



To report a live birth after in vitro maturation (IVM) of oocytes retrieved from extracorporeal ovarian tissue aspiration in the setting of fertility preservation.


Observational study.


Academic center.


A 23-year-old woman.


IVM from extracorporeal ovarian tissue aspiration.

Main Outcome Measure(s):

Live birth after IVM.


A 23-year-old woman conceived with embryos derived from extracorporeal oocyte aspiration followed by IVM, embryo freezing, and frozen embryo transfer.


A healthy live birth from extracorporeal aspiration of immature oocytes, IVM, and a frozen embryo transfer after 5 years was documented. Consideration of this technique should be made as a primary or adjunct intervention in the setting of fertility preservation.

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