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Pregnancy outcomes after oral and injectable ovulation induction in women with infertility with a low antimüllerian hormone level compared with those with a normal antimüllerian hormone level

Ongoing pregnancy was comparable between low and normal antimullerian hormone with oral antiestrogen ovulation induction treatment. Decreased ongoing pregnancy but decreased multi-fetal gestations was observed with gonadotropin treatment for low antimullerian hormone patients.

Triggering with 1,500 IU of hCG plus FSH compared to a standard human chorionic gonadotropin trigger dose for oocyte competence in in vitro fertilization cycles: a randomized, double-blinded, controlled noninferiority trial

Compared to the standard human chorionic gonadotropin dose, triggering with 1,500 IU human chorionic gonadotropin plus 450 IU follicle-stimulating hormone produced noninferior oocyte competence in in vitro fertilization.

Reproductive performance after the application of hyaluronic acid gel after dilation and curettage in women who have experienced at least one previous curettage: long-term results of a multicenter prospective randomized trial

Intrauterine application of auto-cross-linked hyaluronic acid after dilatation and curettage for miscarriage in women who have experienced at least one previous D&C may have a favorable effect on reproductive performance.