November 2015

All the papers from the November 2015 issue of Fertility and Sterility.

Ovarian cortex transplantation Time to move on from experimental studies to open clinical application

In the context of treating cancer, fertility preservation (FP) in young women is a major challenge. Many questions remain because controversial issues still exist (1). Unfortunately, only a small number of patients at risk of premature ovarian failure are referred to FP specialists to discuss different options (1). As reproduction specialists, we consider it vital to provide oncologists, hematologists, and all healthcare providers with accurate information, based on firm evidence, on fertility-sparing treatments, which could potentially have devastating consequences on their future quality of life.

Delayed orgasm and anorgasmia

Delayed orgasm and anorgasmia are associated with significant sexual dissatisfaction. There are many potential etiologies; unfortunately, there are no excellent pharmacotherapies. Treatment revolves around addressing potential causative factors and psychotherapy.