December 2015

All the papers from the December 2015 issue of Fertility and Sterility.

Joy in moment of revelation: A cure for burn out

More than midway upon the road of my professional life, deluged with multiple unmet deadlines, I turned to The Lancet for inspiration. There I began reading an article that focused on redesigning the research enterprise. In the article was a table listing the positive and negative motivations for an individual conducting research, and I noted this brief statement of one of the positive reasons, “Joy in Moment of Revelation.” (1) It struck me. Poetic truth, stripped of definite articles, nouns building from one syllable to two to four, the melody from sonorous to cacophonous/caesura to mellifluous, the meaning from a human emotion, ephemeral, to eternal truth, utilizing words that resonate with the holiday season (when this Lancet article originally appeared), all of ancient Latin origin, but also firmly established in our English usage for close to a millennium.